No Smoking Day
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Hi peeps,

Here I am in the middle of my tenth day: a mini milestone - so far, so good.

The alarm on my mobile just went off, so here I am enjoying my 1:15pm lozenge.

I bought a couple more boxes yesterday, so I have just over 200 left - enough to see me to the end of the month at 9-a-day.

Does anyone else find the milestone forums to be a little confusing? On Sunday I'll post in the Week Three folder, but what then? - what do I do on day 22? - I'll be starting my fourth week, and I won't have made a month, but the monthly folder is the next step.

Similarly after Month 4-5 it then moves to 6+ so where will I post when I'm 5 months and two weeks quit. It seems to chop and change from the milestone one is in, such as week 2 or week 3, to milestone achieved.

I don't suppose it matters much, as we all want to reach our anniversary.

Keep up the good work.

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Hi Ant

Im with you on this one as i am now in week 3 but day 16 and next week im on week 4 but not quite month 1, yeah i know its a little odd but then i suppose Week 4 goes into the month 1 and then we continue that way. Arhhhhhhhh, i dont know TBH. Anyhow, well done you on your latest milestone, heres to the next.



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