No Smoking Day
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crisis without a thought!

I'm proud of myself today :) its a good feeling!

Yesterday several crisis developed (child abuse, family, shit) and I was alone and COULD have run over to the store to get some cigarettes to "cope". And you know what, that thought didn't even cross my mind!

At night in bed I was like, wow, that's cool, since I never noticed it during the stressy day.

Getting there in small steps I think!

This will definitely be one to remember when I get a day where the demon says I have to have one to get through it.

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Well done !!!

I had one of those moments last week and it's great when you stop and think, wow, didn't even occur to me to smoke it is a great feeling.

Onwards and upwards from here :D


Sorry to hear that your day had such a bunch of bad things going on for you, there is some really heavy stuff in what you mentioned.

Are you OK and managing to cope emotionally as well?

However so pleased that you managed to withstand Mr Nic and his evil weed.


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