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Day 13

Wow cant believe it's nearly two week already (even though some days seemed to last forever!!!)

The really confusing thing is that i dont think i've had any real bad times since my throat stopped being sore and my sleep went back to normal. I have days when i feel rubbish and have no energy but havent really had any cravings for cigs - have times when my body feels like it wants 'something' but its not specific to cigs and normally chocolate will deal with it. Owe my life to chocolate these past few days :D

hardly drink any liquids at all now (used to drink 3 litres of dilute a day - honest!, cos my throat was so dry from smoking) and have to remind myself to drink something every few hours so i dont get dehydrated.

My OH still smokes so i have to deal with being around other people smoking- although its banned from the house. last time i tried to quit i avoided smoking and all other triggers like the plague but found that as soon as i was forced into a situation where i couldnt avoid being around smokers i gave in and ended up smoking. this time i've made a point of being around smokers - but it's always on my terms i.e i make sure i'm in a strong frame of mind and not stressed out. now whenever i see smoking i make myself think something bad about cigs so hopefully eventually ill associate cigs with bad things automatically.

My brother actually offered me a cig yesterday just after i told him i'd quit - but pulled a disgusted face and sad a big NO THANKYOU. cant understand why some people have to do those things!! but felt smug afterwards. :D

Normally i have issues with anxiety but since quitting i feel in control and strong - so maybe nicotine was contributing towards my anxiety or maybe it's just my frame of mind.:confused:

Quick question - has anyone else not developed a cough yet - cant decide if thats a good thing or a bad thing?? means all crap still in my lungs. Although i stopped smoking at work bout 2 months ago and just smoked on evening at home and did cough a little when i started that routine.

How did everybody else feel at this stage in their quit????

thanks for been there so i can vent my feelings x x x x x

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Well done Amy

Thats great news that you have got to day 13. As i have said before your not far behind me. Keep up the good work and dont let the nicodemon back in, stay strong and enjoy your new found smoke free life you have worked so hard for it so dont give it up for anyone. Heres to the weeks, months and years as a non smoker, looking forward to the penthouse next Oct. Good luck


Hi there,

nope, no cough here really at all. I do notice that if I go into different "environments" my throat would tickle in a dry sort of way. Like today I went and watered in the greenhouse, it happened. Or if I were to go to a department store or such. But no wet nasty yucky cough at all.

I used to get stuffed up and cough at night in bed when I was smoking (like ALL my life..) no more, that went away the first weekl!

My second week was REAL hard, I did not expect that to happen ;) but got over it fine. Today is another annoying one but I just mumble through it with keeping myself busy.

You're doing great :) !!!!


Hiya thanks for replying - glad to know i'm no the only one without a cough!!

Yeah - forgot about the itchy throat thing!! get the same thing when go from hot to cold environment and vice versa. wish i could reach down my throat and give it a scratch. lol. :D

you mentioned being stuffed up when you used to smoke - do you stil get that now?? that is one thing that i've noticed more over past through days - being very bunged up is how i describe it - nose and sinuses blocked and chest feels abit congested. not uncomfortable just annoying!!! Been walking around all week with that vicks nostril inhaler up my nose - not a good look. lol. :o

cant believe youre nearly on a month already - started reading this forum when you first started posting. well done - you got through the hardest bit - the first few days CT so you are strong enough to cope with any craving nicodemon throws at you. stay busy.

Keep doing what youre doing - youre winning!!!!!!!! :)


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