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Hangin around

Hi all,

Some of you will remember me from some time ago. I have given up so often that I have now lost count (all serious and sometimes lengthy attempts, well, 3-4 weeks!). The last quit fell by the wayside in the usual way- alcohol and being around smokers. Anyway, I have been lurking around for a while on the forum, desperate for support but unwilling to post as I feel unqualified after so many failed quits. I certainly know all the pitfalls but have not mastered how to avoid them. That, I suppose, is the key.

However, have picked myself up yet again and have not smoked for nearly 2 weeks. I am on day 12 (I think). I am trying to manage this quit with military precision and am on guard at all times. I am using the large (21mg) patches and as a top-up, my new defence weapon is the wonderful nicotine lozenge. (the nicorette ones in the round confection). These have been a life-saver, cos if i am out (like last night) and feel a craving (as I sit in a fug of other people's smoke!), I just reach for a lozenge, and al is well again. Brilliant. I can highly recommend the lozenges to anyone using patches as I tend to forget about the patch. I know logically it is releasing nicotine, but I cannot feel it. Like when you have a drip in your arm and you don't feel the drugs going into your system. So, a lozenge every now and then helps to keep me calm and away from the fags. Plus it is something to put in your mouth!! I have searched on the internet and cannot find any advice on patches and lozenges used together. Each lozenge is 2 mgs but the instructions are based on using lozenges alone. Pretty useless. Anyway, if anyone knows about mixing NRT, please help. I may be slowly poisoning myself to death without knowing it!! How ironic would that be. At least I will have died a non-smoker!

Anyway, I have been helped so much by all your recent posts and want to say thanks and well done to you all on your quits.

I hope my coming back on the forum doesn't spell disaster for my quit as every time I post, I tend to slink away after a blip. Hopefully, this time will be different. I really am taking it one minute at a time and taking nothing for granted. It's the only way to do this. Complacancy will never be an issue for me. I am an addict and know that I always will be. But I am choosing to be a

smoker that no longer smokes, just like an alcoholic that no longer drinks.

Sorry for the usual ramble, had to get it off my chest!

Stay strong everyone!


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well done for doing so well - nearly 2 weeks already.:)

Try not to be so hard on yourself - even if the last quits didnt go to plan, at least you have decided that you dont want to smoke and are trying to do something about it. Try to put the other quits behind you!! You only have to successfully quit once in your life to live forever as a non smoker (if you get what i mean)

I bet everyone on this forum knows how hard it is to be around alcohol and other smokers. i know that that has been my downfall many times in the past - i would tell myself i'd only be a social smoker then 2 weeks later would be on 20 a day again. and so the fact that you managed to be in that situation and stick to the lorenges is something that you should be very proud of.

Cant give you any advice on mixing lorenges with patches cos i dont use both -just patches - but have a look on the forum cos i'm sure that ive read about people using both so you should be fine. I'm on day 13 and think it is getting a little bit easier - patches sending me abit crazy so have started cutting them in half - so i get less nicotine and save money :D

the one thing that has really helped me is when i start to feel bored and start craving i come on forum and start reading all posts - now i'm reading ahead to 1 month and looking forward to when i can say i havent smoked in a WHOLE month. decided death by chocolate is an alternative to smoking - and as you said at least i'd die a non smoker.

smoked 20 a day so 13 days in = 260 cigs i HAVENT smoked :eek:

you can do it!!!!!


Hi Rachel

Well done on reaching the 12 days, that is great. It does get a little easier as time goes on, im on day 14 now, so 2 weeks and it seems to be getting easier day by day. Just remember take it day by day and dont punish yourself. Make sure you do this for the right reasons and if you start to falter give us a shout. As for the patches and lozenges i have no idea either, you would have to speak to your quit nurse on that one. I also cant offer any advice on being around other smokers and drinkers and the 2 being combined and make things worse as i dont drink so cant relate to that but anyhow, well done on you on reaching the 12th day. Good luck Hun and heres to the next 12 and beyond. If that naughty nicodemon comes a calling tell him to sod off cos you dont need him anymore.

Stay strong everyone cos together we can all do this. Onwards and upwards :)

PS Rachel why not join our Oct quit Group and take your place with us ready for the Penthouse next year. Here is the link.....



Hi, thanks so much amy and Nutty for the support and advice. I really appreciate it. Been under a lot of stress re work and so happy that i have not cracked. I now truly know it would just add to my woes. So that is progress. Previously I would just have thought "fxxx it" and smoked. also my bf smokes so fags are lying about and I calmly walk by them, sometimes glancing wistfully in their direction. I dont mind that they are there, it is a test of sorts and makes me stronger. The worst time for me is in the morniing and I see them abd think, god , a fag would just kick start my day. I am not a morning person amd cigs did help me to wake up. but once I get over that craving, it gets easier throughout the day (except when I am out at night around smokers). I think i have realised that it is a very personal decision to quit. you can invent all the excuses in the world but, ultimately no one is ever going to stick a fag in my mouth and make me smoke it. For me, it is a matter of pride and self-respect that I can stick to this decision through thick and thin.

I love all your posts about knitting , nuttynurse, and I think it is a really good idea. I was always beyond hopeless at sewing and knitting, but I can do plain and so scarves are a possibility. Let's hope this winter is cold so you can use all the ones you have knitted so far!

Anyway, thanks again to you both. Onwards and upwards!!



Hi Rachel and welcome back.

Well done for picking yourself back up again, i always think that the hardest part, getting back on that wagon. But you have done it and so its onwards and upwards!!

I think it makes us stronger hun.

Sorry i cant answer on the mixing the nrt, but i know there are a few people that do use a few methods at the same time like you and i know my smoking nurse did say it was fine if my cravings got bad (am on the 25mg patch) to use either the inhalator or lozengers as well, so i am presuming it is safe to do so.

Good luck and stay in touch, dont slink away if you get that urge, come and post even if means you having a hissy fit lol Just do it and we will be there for you.

Snowie xx


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