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Cinnamon Warning!

Hello all!

About a month ago I read in the tips part something about using cinammon sticks to ease the craving to 'inhale' something.

I tried this last night (I was making apple pie) and found myself unable to stop 'inhaling' this piece of cinnamon...it only made me want to smoke more! It was absolutely terrifying!

I just want to say that if you also read this tip then be very careful... I'm sure that it helps for some in the beginning when you've got that feeling of 'emptyness' but for me it just made me want to smoke there and then.

This may seem random to some but I thought it may help some people just starting out.

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Thanks for the warning! Seems quite random but there ya go. I think you are right about maybe at the start of the quit. Plus I could just imagine getting hooked on sniffing cinnamon!:eek:


I actually remember smoking these as a youngster!!


I went with mixed herbs and bananna pith lol things we did as kids. The idea of it makes me feel sick now.


Glad it was useful for some people :)

Yeah, I remember pretending to smoke insense sticks when I was 5-7 :eek: ...mixed herbs and banana pith...hmmm... I think some friends tried that... messes up baking trays or something...?


see what you mean but don't completely agree... it's the size and weight of it that I found strangely comforting, also when inhaling it felt very real (not the same as an empty bic pen or lolipop stick).

Eitherway, everyone's got their own method!


The empty bic pen works great if you roll up a bit of a plug in it to create resistance. When I'm really desperate this is my Godsend.

Lord what we are reduced to doing......


ah, there we go droid! I never figured out how to make the resistance greater! :P

you say 'what are we reduced to' and while yes - we may look like a desperate addict with a bic pen/cinnammon stick in hand but how stupid do we REALLY look with that cancer stick in hand?


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