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No Smoking Day
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I haven't been around much over the past couple of weeks. Life has been so busy.... between being a single mum, going to work during the week, gigs at weekends, rehearsing with a new band and to top it all started my OU degree and had to get my first assignment in... I guess I didn't have much time to think about cigarettes at all. (I didn't had much time to sleep either....!!)

But here I am, it's half term so I've got some free time, I'm 6 weeks quit today and........ it's the worst day since about day 2!!! The cravings just won't go away! :mad:

I read through some of the posts here in month 2 and it seems that 6 weeks can be another bad point so I'm just breathing deeply and trying to stay strong.

And when all else fails I'm just opening my increased lung capacity and screaming "AArrrgggghhhhhh!!!!"http://bestsmileys.com/frustrated/4.gif

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Phew, busy life Cantante ;)

Six weeks is a really good length of time....what I mean is that it's not as if you've gone through a few days. Actually if you went back to your smoking days you'd have possibly thought that 6 weeks was an crazy length of time not smoking and barely manageable. Well, you've managed it and probably noticed all the advantages of not smoking coming your way. Taste, smell, voice, energy all much better.

Somedays are harder than others. Try posting to others, the newbies and supporting them. When doing so write what you've learned, support that'll help. It'll keep you busy...although I suspect you don't have to look far to keep yourself busy....but also reminding and consolidating the information you've learned into your own mind.

Oh, and keep 'aaaaarrrrgghhh-ing'



Ok if you think banging your head against a brick wall will really help then feel freehttp://bestsmileys.com/frustrated/4.gif personally I think that it will just give you a headache and then you will feel worse.

There are times through the quit when you feel like you will never feel right again, but I promise you that just a little further down the road you will find that the bad times get further and further apart and the good times take over your life.

Take heart that the good points of quitting far outweigh a few days overall when you feel a little off, also your voice improves tenfold, keep the water intake up as dehydration is greater when you quit smoking, sip dont gulp.


AArrrgggghhhhhh!!!! :) it really does work, no shame in a good scream, guess there will always be those bad days, bit of sleep should cure it.


Went out and played a gig and feeling much better now... and reminded myself why it's so good to be quit... I can 'Arrgghhhhh' much louder, much higher and for far longer than I've been able to for the past 2 years since reacquainted myself with the evil Nicodemon again!

So next time I feel the need to 'Arrgghhh' I'm going to challenge myself to see just how long I can hold it for!!



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