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Day 10 and feeling proud

Well this weekend I have overcome 2 of my most stressfull situations and come through not thinking I need a smoke.

Yesterday I went to Tesco, may not seem much but I never shop on a saturday cos I hate the crowds and I also normally shop in sainsbury and know where all my usual shopping is. Wanted to try Tesco to see if cheaper, so I went in, was so so so busy, couldn't find anything and had to go up and down the shop getting rammed by trollies and people walking into me driving me nuts. But when I got out I just wanted a mint, I joked and said cor I could smoke after that but I didn't feel the need at all.

Today we did the monthly costco shop and that is always horrendous lol but again came through it unscathed. These are both times I would have been desperate to smoke a couple of weeks ago but now i've got through it without (ok have done a packet of mints today but whose counting those ;))

Really proud of myself for getting this far. Never planned to go cold turkey but think I am actually finding it, not easier, as its not easy but more cope-able, if you know what I mean.

I'll shut up now, rambling on my new addicition :D

S xx

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Hi Sian, that's great!! Each time you get through a previous smoking trigger without smoking makes the next time you experience it a little easier. You *should* be proud of yourself. Day ten's a fabulous achievement. A couple of weeks ago an hour would have been tricky so that's a huge advancement!! Never underestimate what great work you're doing in ridding yourself of that poisonous habit!!

Stay strong!!

Ed xx


Wow you can be proud indeed! Must have a very strong will and brain with you :) My CT quit wasn't intentional at all, funny how that goes.....

Good luck to you in forming new attachments/detachments and habits :)


My CT quit wasn't intentional at all, funny how that goes.....

I went to the doctor and got patches. stopped smoking the next day thought i'll put one on after my shower, didn't think I needed to then and thought well i'll put one on when I need it and haven't yet.

Glad i'm not using anything as my friend gave up a year ago with the gum and is now addicited to it instead :eek: I would hate that.



You seem to be on top of it.Like you I am on day11 of CT and have done things that normally would make me rush out and smoke.But like you I have not.Been driven mad by a teenager and am really trying to stay cool.

God help me to.


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