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Last week of Patches

Hi everyone, I have been looking at this site for a few days and have found it very helpful. Thought I better make an effort and join in.

Not sure if I am classed in the three weeks as I have used patches so far but I will finally be going nicotine free from next Wednesday.

Everything going to plan so far but I am expecting the worst to come.



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Well done on stopping.

Good luck with the CT, this is the first time I have gone CT and I have (strangely) found it easier than when I used NRT.


Hi Raymo,

Well done on the quit!!

I would definately say that you are in the week 3 .... doesnt matter if your not nico free because you have not smoked an actual ciggy... brilliant... keep it up :)

Im on the patches too, only on day 3 but determined it will work this time.

Just a wee bit of advice for you without trying to sound like i am putting a downer on you. :o

I was on the patches earlier this year but didnt use them properly...

Felt fine after a few weeks and so started cutting them down, someone on here told me that i should really follow the actual stages as it can cause a relapse. But i didnt listen and carried on cutting them down and lo and behold the nico demon grabbed me back and i was back on 20 a day.

Maybe it was because i wasnt strong willed??

But i just wanted to tell you so you know. Hopefully you are more stronger than me!! good luck and remember come to this site if you get an urge to smoke it really does help and there are lots of people here with fantastic advice

Snowie xx


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