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No Smoking Day
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Week 2.........Day 8

Afternoon all,

Well first week over & getting into week 2 :D

Has not been too bad considering I am just using lozenges this time, as close to CT as I dare go :eek:

I am however dreading going back to work on Monday. Dreading it because I HATE it with a vengeance & all the nonsense that is dished out to us their. We never know wether we are on our heads or our bottoms if you get my drift ;)

Have the threat of redundancy hanging over like a black cloud. I knew about this a week friday evening & have not been at work to find out what is going on as on holiday last week. I do know in their normal manner that nobody has been told what is going on which is par for the course there.

I know a ciggie will not make one jot of difference to what happens but still hard.

Sorry, turned into a whingy thread, apologies :(

G xx

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Gaynor, well done for getting into week 2! And almost CT as well ;)

Hoping that you have good news when you return to work on Monday and that the awful threat of redundancy has been lifted.

But you're right, things happen whether we smoke or not.

Well done and good luck xx


Hi G sorry that there is yet more stress being thrown at you from the Sh1te low budget, low priced Da Das.

I think you deserve a meddle for your tenacity, at least they want beat you and you can hold your head up high, keep defying the nicco demon and you will I am sure make it this time.

Go G Go xx


well done gaynor...day 9 tomorrow :D

A big good luck for bad w:(rk.. if all else goes wrong just remember youve always got me :D ... lol, you can do it .i just know it xxx


Hi Gaynor

You must be strong 'cause I couldn't find the strength to quit using NRT support never mind CT. So stick in there you're the boss over the smoke monster ;)

Work will always throw poo at us randomly but try not make it the "Perfect Excuse" to throw in the towel. The second week quit is mind games if my experience is anything to go by.

I can't remember where I got this link but it's helping me to understand what's going on in my head. whyquit.com/whyquit/A_Carin... Take what you need and leave the rest.

Wish you all the best with your work situation.




Well done getting this far. I'm sure you'll have a great day at work if you set your mind to it. Remember 'it's all in the mind' we create are reality so make it a joyous one (even if it appears shite) focus on the positives and i promise you it will add for positives to your day. 'As we give out so we shall recieve more so.' ;)

You are STRONG AND CAPABLE!!!!!! Rise to the challenge and congratulate yourself, your doing great. :)


Thanks Skippy. I hope Monday brings good news but somehow doubt it! Have applied for 3 jobs this morning so fingers crossed!!

Hiya, Chrissie. I know you are right so will try to keep my head held high, keep strong & rise above it all.

Jamangie, we all know that's ALL you get from that place :mad: No doubt all the PA's work will be farmed out to us, what joy. They can go swivel.

Yes, KK. If all else fails we have each other ;)

Thanks for the link Andrew. Unfortunately my place of work does the poo thing every day, all day but as I say, going to try & rise above it all.

So true FA. Have been trying to turn negatives into positives & was doing soso with it but this week has thrown a spanner into my brain :eek:

Day 9 it is then :D xxxx


Hi G,

Hang on to positive thoughts all you can. They can and do slowly replace the negatives and help each moment to pass.

All the best with the return to work and what happens. Hope some good news comes from the applications sent today :)

All the best

Pol x


Thank you Pol, busy making lists at the mo to get things straight in my head 'cos it's in abit of a muddle at the mo :eek:

Hopefully something will come from job apps. Turned down a possible interview 'cos the salary was way less then found out this was going on a couple of hours later :mad: At the end of the day some money is better than no money ;)



week 2 disappointed

Hi, im new to this forum but figured as the smoking cessation group i go to is very helpful it would be good to have a group at my finger tips when needed.

I am just back from my group and was quite disappointed my Co reading was 21 last week and this week it is still 7. i'm using the nasal spray which i found quite painfull for the first couple of days but am really used to it now and have got into a good routine with it so i basically don't get any cravings and was expecting my Co reading to be about 2 the same as most of the group but im not giving up just makes me more determined.



Hi justjan,

Welcome to the forum.

Don't be put o by your reading. All these monitors seem to react diferntly as measure in dierent ways also which is a bit confusing! You will always have some co2 just by breathing in all the c**p in the air! Mine however always read zero a wekk ater stopping so work that one out. So long as it has gone down that is what matters ok.

Good luck with your quit & keep us posted.

gaynor x



Thanks for ur reply i'm feeling a good bit happier now after reading some other posts and ur reply obviously but like u said not sure about those machines one member tried twice first time was 5 and second time was 6 so im not going to worry about it.


LOL, mine once shot up when I deinately not had a cigarette & was mortified. Don't take the reading as gospel :D

G x


Feeling much better

Hi, everyone just back from my smoking group again and feeling a good bit better as my Co reading was 3 this week i had told everyone if my reading was over five i was buying ciggies but i'm quite happy to say i'm not buying any and feeling even more that it's possible and i'm going to do it this time.

Woo Hoo:D


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