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Day 10

Day 10 now and starting to get a bit easier, I hope, even forgot all about putting my patch on this morning and was on my way to work, but went back for it. Still trying to find things to do instead of smoking, work is okay but it is of an evening that I get bored and need to occupy myself. Also still having trouble sleeping. Does anyone know when things start to get better and you don't think about smoking anymore?:D

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Well done Dawn :D

Keeping yourself occupied is key I think. The sleeping does soon settle down so stick with it. Can't answer the other question myself as not got there yet :rolleyes:

G x


Hi Dawn

Sleep is a law unto itself ... some can some can't and there is nothing worse than falling in to bed dog tired after a hard day craves.... then BING !!! eyelids are like them weeble things push them down and they spring up ......... two hours later you want to kill someone if you are single your safe, if you are married they will be snoring next to you ...........

Sleep will return tonormal in time key thing is to relax i just got up ansd pottered around no point lying there ... when i could be posting crap on here instead :) ......... it will get back to normal but everyone's differs hopefully your is quickly ,,.,,,,, the boredom is normal to, you have just dropped a major part of your day smoking and so******ing and you now need ot replce it, even at home you would do something then stop for a ciggie ...not now .... Dawn it's a great time of the year to stop smoking at least it's summer ( ....:rolleyes: ) and you can get out of the house ... dont worry Dawn things will return to normaility whatever that was .... hang in there you are doing brilliant .............:)


Good Morning to you Dawn, I hope today finds you feeling on top form and that u had a bit better night’s sleep and didn’t as Bradders said have to lie listening to other half snore the night away, a lot of us have sleep probs at the beginning but they do ebb away, try warm bath and maybe a read if you can (not meaning you can’t read just some have OHs who can’t sleep if the lights on) when you go to bed, either that or if you have iPod or similar that you can listen to.

Keep using the forum as its great for using up the minutes that you would have been smoking and trust me if you work it out you will find that in total you probably only smoked for about one hour per day so I’m sure you can find something that will use up those 60 or so minutes.

Sip iced water when you get craves it does help.

As for how long before you start to feel better, we are all so different but one thing we all have in common is that health wise we start to feel benefits within days and its the psychological part and the habit we miss.


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