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Hi everyone

I quit smoking for just over two years and then about 3 months ago i started again :S I blamed it on all the stress i was going through at the time....but to be honest that's not excuse, so i've made the decision to quit (again). Choosing to quit is the easy part and now comes the hard part (actually quitting). I'm going to try my best and i'm hoping i can do it again.

I wish everyone else luck in quitting as well :)

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Hi Kelly,

Good for you getting back on your quit again. You know you can do it, you've done it before. There's loads of support & info here so........good luck!!

Gaynor x


Hi Kelly I was really sad to read you had started smoking again after 2 years that is one hell of a quit, want ask what pushed you over the edge but whatever it was I hope it has resolved itself and you are feeling less stressed, smoking is not something any of us would go back to from choice but I am sure you will keep your quit better this time as you now know the pitfalls that are there waiting to catch us all out.

I quit once before for 11 months and it took me another 20 years to get back on track so you have done better than I did and I hope this web forum will also help.

Nothing is easy and quitting is definitely not but we all know it is achievable so go for it and we will give you as much support as you need, take care and keep posting xx


Hi Kelly congratulations on your decision to quit again. I started again after 10 years quit because i was getting a divorce.....took 5 years to stop again so WELL DONE for stopping it now. I'm convinced people are going to look back one day and say 'why on earth did people use to smoke?' It's just so toxic and stupid.

Keep posting on here, let us know how your doing, support is always around. :)


Heyy Thanks for all of the support :)

I completely agree smoking is toxic for your health and completely stupid. I feel a little foolish at times for starting again and if it didn't help calm my nerves I wouldn't have....As for why I started, I felt like I hit a rut in my life one of my close family members just got out of the hospital after two nearly fatal heart attacks and another one was diagnosed with cancer, which has progressed to far for any treatment. :'( The icing on the cake was when I found out that my bf of almost 3.5 year had been lying to me about a bunch of things. I felt like my world had come crashing down and I know that it's not an excuse to go back to smoking, but it's a mistake I made and I'm trying to fix it.


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