No Smoking Day
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OK....... day 4

Morning all,

Day 4 it is then, thought today was 3 last night but it's not it's 4 :D

Just goes to show how quick the days go :p

Haven't been up too long due to lazy holiday lie in so can't report much at the mo. The usual little grrrr moment when I woke up. A cough as OH cigarette smoke wafted through patio door :mad:

Thanks again for all the support yesterday. Will pop back on later.

Happy smoke free days to you all :D

G xx

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OK, I will be honest I feel c**p this afternoon.

Don't want a fag just feel c**p.

Have done lots of things today that have needed doing for ages, did it make me feel better? NO. They should have done but so didn't.

My son sent me the scan pics of his first child today. That brought tears to my eyes & made me all squidgy inside then I went back to feeling miserable.

Old Nicodemon is doing his darndest to make me give in, have a fag so I will feel happy again. Thing is I know he is lieing as normal. That's why I don't want one no matter how yucky I feel. SO GO AWAY NICODEMON.

If I have to stay miserable ALL day then so be it but he's not gonna win :rolleyes:

Thanks for listening.

Gaynor xxx


Hey gaynor

Kiss day 4 bye bye ..coz it will be your last one you will have to get through again :) soon be high five 5 :D

with you gaynor :) xxx


Aw...your being really strong Gaynor, can you do anything to lighten your mood when it strikes? I know it's a toughie and day 4 is still early days so remember to be kind to yourself because you are getting over it day by day.

Sending some positive thoughts.....:)


Thanks kk, yes high five day tomorrow, might pinch that for my thread :D

Hi FA, have been trying all sorts today to lighten my mood but nothing is touching it :( It won't last forever I know so just got to get through it. Thanks for the positive thoughts ;)

G xx


Thanks Chrissie :D:D:D

Hahahaha hairy bum indeed :eek:

G xx


Hi Gaynor Day 5 and you must be feeling good now ??? what can I say you know the pack drill and we are all here for you so keep on and be strong xxx


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