No Smoking Day
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Ok, I've started!

I had my last smoke at about midnight so today I have officially not smoked.

I am using my inhalator and it seems to be helping with my cravings, lets hope that continues!

I'm really determined to do it this time, I keep thinking of all the money I will save... and all the new shoes I can buy with it ;)

Lets see how today goes...


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Hey Lottie

Get in there... proud of you .... first day keep busy, drink gallons of water, relax and keep telling yourself how well you are doing ....... have a good feeling about this Lottie :)


Thanks bradders, am drinking lots of water and eating lots of fruit (trying to avoid the choccies at this point!!)

Trying to stay positive!:D


Good luck!


Hi lottie

day 1 ...well done, good to see you...keep smiling:) were all with you mate xxx


Good for you lottie,

As Bradders says, drink gallons of water, it really does help.

I started day 3 today so only a wee bit ahead of you ;)

You can do this ;)

Gaynor x


Thanks everyone... I have taken to chewing on my inhalator... it seems to be helping lol:p

So far, no major cravings but I know from previous experience that I will probably get them in a few day... heres hoping I don't!!:D


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