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Am I on Day 3

Hi All,

I've been a lurker on this site for a while and used it alot on my last quit attempt and found it very motivational even though I never posted.

Well, that last attempt went about 3 months, I reached the point where I thought I'd cracked it and then something must've happened and the wheels fell off. So it's back to the start over a period of smoking again for just over a year.

Am I right in saying that I am on day 3 until I have stopped for 3 full days (as in, I'm in my 3rd day), or should I be in Day 2 and then move in to Day 3 when I have stopped for 3 days?

Sorry, I'm in the weird lack of concentration/spaced out phase.

Good luck everyone.

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Hi and welcome to the forum, well welcome back to the forum good to have you on board.

Many of us take several times to quit for good, the key I think is to educate yourself about nicotine, and the different stages of quitting. I would recommend you do loads of reading, some posts, some links, whatever helps you best.

Sounds to me like you are on day 3 and if you are doing Cold Turkey that means that at the end of today all the nicotine will be out of your body :D

Stay strong, read loads and post often.


I think you are in day three, I spent the first couple of months trying to figure where in the quit table I was and it’s great to be in 6 months as I don’t have to try and work out where I am any more LOL

You will find that this site is the best thing to keep your quit on track one way or another, we are a great support system not just for people in the first few days but for each other as well, you can help me to keep quit just as much as I can help you, so stay with it and post regular to let us know how you are doing.

Your last quit was a practise run this is the real thing so good luck and may you have the strength to stay smoke free for life.


Thank you both.

Got through the morning and now it's lunchtime, just trying to think of some things to take my mind off thinking about smoking, as I'd normally have a couple now.

May try a walk round the park.


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