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Funny day today

Hi all,

I have moved forum rooms today, not quite at 1 month but in the 4th week.

Been drinking lots and lots of water today but having funny physical sensations today, aches and pins and needles, don't feel coldly or anything. I remember reading people having these sorts of symptoms early on in the quit but I am at day 25 or 26 (although I did have a couple of slip ups).

I am also a few days into not drinking, surely I am not physically withdrawing from alcohol :eek: I did drink most days but a glass of wine or two.

Anyhow that aside my mood is good and I have my trusty cup of tea to get me through - as an Arab brought up in England there is NOTHING more important than a cup of tea.


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Hi Zena,

Think you are getting the oxygen rush, I had it at about the same time and it was weird but not totally uncomfortable, it does wear off eventually and you will be starting to feel physically better all round, keep focussed on your quit and reading loads of the right sort of info on here, drink plenty and get well detoxed, have a great weekend.


Hi :) well done and by the way yes, alcohol does cause you to withdran if your used to having it. In fact it can make you feel like your having heart failure in severe cases. :eek: Includes pins n needles too but it passes.


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