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feeling the difference

Hi my quitting pals:)

on third week now. wont lie and say that it has been easy -but just wanted to post in case anyone older and with smoking related breathing problems is reading and wanting to quit-do it now!!

Already I can use stairs easier instead of eyeing up the escalator, sleep easier -no more wheezing-and apart from two days where I know now I wasnt drinking enough water -I have got so much more energy.

this after three weeks. if I wanted incentive then I have been blessed. no I will never be able to go jogging or run a marathon due to the smoking damage -but boy am I going to build up to some serious power walking . hopefully with a new rescue dog [but that is a bit off topic :o]

I so want to say -that I when younger thought I had all the time to quit . the trouble is lung damage starts very insiduously , hardly noticable at first.

so I love to see how many young people on this forum are quitting -and not being the stupid woman I was.

love you all xx

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Hi Sky I am pleased that you are feeling the benefits which are tremendous and have no were nere reached there peak yet, the benefits will go on improving for many weeks to come, I see that you can now climb the stairs and before you couldnt, well done you, you are doing great and I can only hope that when you get your rescue dog which will help in the walking (does that help to persuade OH ) you will feel safer as well want you, hugs and kisses keep it up x


Hey Sky,

So pleased you are feeling the benefits so quickly, thats incentive to anyone young or old!

Are you getting a dog so you can have a good reason for walking? Must admit I lost 2 stone when we got our 1st dog 16 months ago, 1 stone through the extra exercise, the other stone searching for the little bugger every time he ran away. Think twice before getting a terrier, ours gives me high blood pressure............face of an angel/behaviour of the devil!!

Must admit I was thinking today and wondering if we ever become complacent with the benefits? I mean do they plateau or do you consistently feel the benefits. I have felt a lot of benefits even though smoking hadn't really affected me too seriously (except for the breathing problems I had through panic). Obviously breathing is great, excercise easier, food tastes great, more calm and less stressed.

There were a couple of benefits I'd hoped would happen but havent and that is my bad skin (acne) I still get bad breakouts, and my hair in the last 2 years has started to go very fine on top I thought it might have been smoking related but with no improvements so I guess hormonal problems are not helped by quitting! Hey ho maybe in another few months when the diet and exercise really kick in things might change!

Well I am very proud of you, it takes courage for anyone to quit but especially older ladies (I dont mean old old, just older), as Ive said my mum is your age, she says she wants to quit as she cant afford it anymore and she worries about her health, Ive given her some patches but its a non starter, to make things worse, her doc told her shes in fine form with perfect lung capacity, I mean hardly an incentive to quit is it?

Sometimes I have to stop myself waffling on he he, hope every day gets better for you xx


thanks Jamangie and Shelly,

yes -there is certainly life in this old gal yet:eek::eek:

my old collie died recently -deaf and arthritic , we made a grand pair when we went out trudging [couldnt call it power walking!!]

so -I will take your advice Shelly and avoid the wayward terrier breed-much as I love them. will see what soulful eyes beckon at dogs home when I persuade OH.

So pleased your quit is still so solid and the benefits are so good for you too.tell your mum to come on forum !! I will buddy her and we can set up a mature ladies group:):)



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