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Day 21, what have you done with your ciggie money

Hi, I am on day 21 and decided to celebrate with a new shiny bike. I have decided to take up cycling again. I used to do it years ago, and loved it. I am very much out of practice and soooo unfit, but I have managed to do a run twicw a day for the last two days. I am hoping the numbness in my backside and legs go away before my next cycle tonight......:D

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Hi Shojam

Tomorrow I'll will have £200 in my stop smoking account so I'll be off for some major retail therapy :D Can never have too many shoes!

Did think about getting another bike but we haven't got anywhere safe to keep one - I live in a flat not a really rough area :)



enjoy Pookie, you deserve it. And no, you can never have too many shoes :D


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