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Whoo hoo - made it into the room

I can't believe I've finally made the first three months - a whole quarter of a year without a ciggie :D

The last few weeks have been really tough though :confused::mad::confused: but I've decided that I need to take control so joined the local gym. At £52 a month it gives me unlimited access to a wide range of fantastic facilities and since joining on Saturday I've utilised the services every day!

Here's to a stronger, happier and healthier me over the next three months - I look forward to building up stamina and helping my body to heal from all the abuse I put it through.

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Ok so when are we meeting up?

Couldn't agree more. I put my body and mind through total crap and now i want to get rid, be great to share that.


Congrats on your quit :cool:

Great to hear one negative habit is being replaced and enjoyed (hopefully;) ) with a far more positive one.... way to go.

Hope the quit continues to even out for you and becomes just an every day occurrence and not a bothersome reminder of what was.

Keep up the great work




Hey Trikeschick, it's so good to hear another of the old faithful fab febbers moving on up. Think we may have dropped a few. Either that or they're all doing brilliantly and don't feel the need to pop in and say hello anymore!!

Good for you joining a gym, I'm still having "feelings", but refuse to call them craves anymore!! I have taken up a very slow waddle/jog, just two lunchtimes a week, but have been using the wii fit and the wii personal trainer most evenings to get rid of the 8/9 pounds i put on!! :(

Something else to worry about!!! :rolleyes:


Hi trikestrick

brilliant 3 months done ....good on yer

Glad to hear your getting all fit & healthy too..must feel good:)


Well done Trikeschick and everyone! I'm not posting as much these days - both work and social life has gone a bit mad over the past weeks. I still check out how the fab febbers are doing though! I'm having a few run ins with the GP who, having collected his money for me doing 4 weeks on the quit programme, has now decided he needs to put me on pills for BP and pills for cholesterol. At this rate I'll be spending more on prescriptions than I was on fags! I'm sure getting a bit fitter and cutting down on booze would be better than taking pills which really muck about with my mood. Is anyone else getting this sort of pressure from their GP?



Onwards and up wards for you too that big place in the sky ie The Penthouse 144 floors hope you like heights and Marmite as the fridges are now overflowing :D

And Al have PMd you


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