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4 months, how flippin fantastic is that!!!!

Its just gone midnight, it's the 9th of May, and I haven't smoked a cigarette for 4 months, how flipping fantastic is that!!!!!

I would like to thank my family, this forum and the general intolerance of smokers in society now, without whom I would not be here.

All jokes aside, I feel absolutely fab, still a bit wary, don't crave any more, think about cigarettes at different times but not in a yearning or wanting sort of way.

I've put on a bit of weight, i've changed routines, read some fantastic books, stopped caffeine, drink green tea and feel generally very good.

Cheers to you all, I have my sights set on month 6 now, and I will be there, so be sure to keep me a place.

Keep at it everybody, remember, there were always bad days, it's not just because we're not smoking!

Not sure how many New Year Revolutions there are left, perhaps I'll do a thread.


Lorraine :D

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Hey Lozza

4 months is amazing so pleased for you xxx good on yer sound in a happy place & i cant wait to be there myself .......xx

A huge congratulations to a big star xxxx


Hi Lozza I am so pleased that you have caught up with me, will meet u in the kitchen for a decaf tea and its ok I know there is some there cause I put them there, fed up with going places and they dont have it so leave some every where I go (seriously, I do how sad is that) so come on in take of your shoes so long as you dont have pongy feet and get comfy have a couple of good films or a book which ever takes your fancy, and again well done and we will both look forward to room 6 as we can settle down for a while, this moving about can get a bit much and I lose something every time I move, oops think its the grey matter :D xx


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