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No Smoking Day
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Day 7!!!!!

I have to share, I have downloaded an app on my Iphone to help track my not smoking and this is what it is at:

1 week

0 days

5 hours

14 minutes

36 seconds

144.36 Cigs not smoked

$43.02 saved!

Wow, when I see that I am like...hmmmm I think I might have this under control! Of course like yesterday there are still cravings but this is the FIRST time that while having the patch on and stress or drinking it's me I don't rip it off and smoke! I even had my daughter pick me up another package of patches, I am on the level 2 patches and will use those for whoever long I feel I need that level then go to level 3 for however long. I AM JUST SUPER EXCITED! And more so just plain proud of myself! I love the counter on my phone so I can look at it and reaffirm myself of how good I am doing!!!!!!



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Congrat Mic on 7 days one whole week and trust me log thi in your brain as you will be so suprised how quick you will be up to a month quit, keep an eye on the quit counter and stay focused and you will be a lifetime quitter well done xx


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