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Day 6

A very good morning to all you ex smokers out there. I have had a brilliant nights sleep(unusual for me, on or off the ciggies). I have however woke up feeling like I have smoked 20 one after the other. What is this sore throat all about, feel so thirsty and my throat is all scratchy, as my son would say,lol. Also, I have been sooo, soooo, good this week, I haven't even had a sneaky puff., It helped that the OH was on a 2-10 shift(he hasn't seen the light yet). He left his cancer sticks in full view of me, was I tempted? Damn right I was, I even had a wee peek in the pack. But to my surprise, I put the pack down and walked away, closed the door and never thought about again. I know I will struggle next week when he is the house smoking and leaving them lying around, I'm so gonna need extra willpower. 6, apart from scratchy throat I feel great, I want to start my excerise but have the little one to look after, I'm thinking of buying a bike and taking up cycling.....don't know if the roads will cope with that, I'm bad enough with road rage in the car lol. OK I'm off to scrub my bogging house, should keep me occupied for a few hours........good luck with the quit ppl xx:p

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quit kit

I have just received my quit kit and I've got a sticker chart, how cool is that. Include is also a tangle, its a sort of beaded stress buster thing, great for keeping idle hands occupied. If you haven't got one , then go to


Congrats on your quit you should ban your OH from smoking in the house!!!:)


I would, but he is bigger than me he is only allowed in the kitchen:mad:


Well done on coming this far its a great achievement and you should be proud of yourself, especially since your OH is still smoking.

Walking is a great exercise, i do it pretty regularly myself now. I did get noticeably fitter simply by going for walks, maybe this is something you can do with your child in tow?

When i found myself struggling i would roll up a piece of paper and pretend to smoke it, even though i know it was just the deep breaths calming me down i still found the whole re-enactment thing really helped. It might help you like it did me.

Your doing great, your first week is nearly over and you'll never have to do that again.


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