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I've made it!


I'm absolutely thrilled to say that as at 9th April, I have not smoked for 3 whole months, and am now into my fourth month. This exceeds any other attempt at quitting and I feel I have turned a corner.

The last week have been a bit suprising with the odd crave popping up, but I think that camping and the lighter evenings, spending more time outside etc. have got a lot to do with it. So although I do sometimes get a little suprised by the odd feeling, on the whole I feel flipping fantastic.

Well done me, you and everyone on this journey. Aren't we fab! :D

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It Just Gets Better And Better!!!!!!

Congrats On 3 Months....I Also Quit COLD TURKEY!!!!!.......:)...Keep Strong And ENJOY The Quit......Sooooooooo Good For Your BODY!!!!!!!:)

Well done to you Lozza, 3 months is briliant :D

Gaynor x

Well done Lozza and welcome to room 4/5 month I have only been here a short while but finding it so much better than month 3 so congrats and enjoy xx

wtg jamangie you are doing great......my days are numbered here, as I will be moving up as well

Thanks Mike and congrats to you too theres a lot of us moving around at the moment and I think the three month mark is such a brilliant mile stone so well done us all xx

Well done Lozza! 3 whole months completed for me on the 3rd April. I perhaps should celebrate my milestones but I don't. To be honest I forget - each day seems to roll into one (if that makes sense).

Anyway well done you


well done you lozza xx 3 months is brill...xx :)

wtg Iozza....ur movin on up

sorry i missed this yesterday, but well done on getting 3 months done and completed.

So now this is your best quit ever, look after it.. you will get some out of the blue cravings, but they will lessen in intensity now as time goes by.. eventually they end up more passing thoughts followed by a tiny sigh... and then just not even that.

Keep going, and well done!

Wheeeeee...... Congratulations Lozza!!!

Fabulous pink lunged work!!!!


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