No Smoking Day

I've finally made it!

Well today certainly hasn’t been easy but it hasn’t quite been as hard as I thought. I was wavering whether to keep this as my Day 1 as had hoped that some Champix miracle might have kicked in before now and I was still smoking (but really not enjoying it) last night. Anyway, as I’d got everything geared up to stop today, I stuck with it and I’m glad I did.

My main ‘trick’ is that rather than wait until the end of Day 1, or Week 1 or Month 1 to treat myself, I bought a bracelet which I put on first thing this morning and every time I look at it it reminds me why I’ve got it – and I would feel terribly guilty if I had to take it off! The other thing that helped was booking a massage this afternoon!! Hopefully I will stop rewarding myself for a while otherwise stopping smoking will bankrupt me!

I’ve had some pretty bad cravings – mainly after a coffee or in the car during a traffic jam – but there have been a lot less than I thought so there must be something going on with the Champix! Wine tonight will be quite a challenge (not the wine – just the not smoking with it!) but I’m sure I’ll survive.

Happy Valentine’s Day to everybody x

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well done hun :D

what a great way to stop, treats , treats , treats, brill :D

jude x


Hey Frenchkiss

Well done, that's the first step over. Keep up the good work.

I love the idea of treating yourself already.

Enjoy the wine tonight and keep looking at that bracelet.

Cess xxx


This is sooooo hard tonight. Have tried to stick to my usual sort of routine i.e. not avoiding times when I would've smoked but right now I've got a glass of pink fizzy wine (for Valentine's Day) and a cig would be perfect with it. I've had a couple of occasions today when I've thought well, why don't i just sneak one, nobody would know, but at the end of the day, I would know and it is myself I'd be cheating. I'm going to finish this drink and go to bed early and hope I feel stronger tomorrow - and I assume I'll get less cravings too so that is something to look forward to.


Frenchkiss-Well done on getting through day 1, keep focused,youre doin great:)

Love,Lisa x


My 1st Day no smoking

Today 24/02/2007 my first no smoking day. :eek: I am quitting with nicorette inhalator. Not feeling too bad. My Husband is quitting also, the best moral support. This is the second time for us we managed six months last time. Then just one cig led to another, I will never do that again. Feel I need more help this time. I am new to all this net stuff. I have nicked my daughters computer,now She,s at uni. This time i am quitting for good.:D


well done, one day at a time. dont be tempted. we wish you well. :)


hi well done welcome all the best


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