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Day 5 Cold Turkey

Hi everyone

Just popping in to report on mine and hubby's progress. Today was day 5 for me and I had a fab day, only thought about fags 2/3 times and for only 10 seconds or so, it wasnt even 'I want one' more like 'if I was still smoking, I'd be having one now while Im doing this' etc.

Didnt bother me though, concious mind told my subconcious to bugger off and I got on with things as usual :)

As for my hubby who was on day 3 today, bless him, I was so anxious about what mood he would be in this morning, but he woke up fine and has been pretty normal all day which I am so happy about.

I asked him how he felt and he said he had a few thoughts about them but I kept reminding him its not his body wanting them as thats out his system now, its his subconcious mind playing tricks but the thoughts will get fewer.

I am so pleased with how well he's doing and am finding my quit much easier because we are in it together.

I did that quit meter thing earlier and together by the time we reach this time next year, wouldnt have smoked 18,000 fags and saved £5,000.

Its a good reminder to keep us both motivated, weve even checked out how our quit is affecting us positively physically to spur us on :)

So good day we had, will update tommorow !

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Hi princess,

Well done to you & hubbie. That's the trick, focus on all the positves because even this early on there are many & they get better & better. Us woman will tend to read all we can where as the men just won't (unless there are pictures LOL).

You sound really positive which is so lovely to hear especiallyas you are doing this cold turkey. I am being a woose & on patches & lozenges because that is how I can do it. The outcome is all the same :D

keep posting those brilliant positive posts, they will help you & many others.

gaynor xxx


well done good to hear 5 days done xx almost 1 week over xx

Thinking of the money so helps i think xxx xx keep posting ure both doing amazing xx


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