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Reducing gum strength?

I've just reduced to 2 mg from 4 mg as I was starting to feel really ill (upset stomach, jittery, headaches). Not sure if it was a bug going round, but chimed with the feeling of smoking too much, so thought it best to reduce.

I feel ok now and am not craving so the lower strength seems to be working.

Just wanted to pick your brains. The info leaflet recommends much longer period at higher strength and up to 9 months at lower. Is this a scam to milk as much money from nicotine addicts for as long as the manufacturers can? Have googled and there seem to be a lot of chronic gum addicts out there with all kinds of horrid symptoms.

Anyone else successfully quit using gum?

How long did you use it before you finally stopped?

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hi joosquit

My first proper quit using gum....sadly for me i became addicted to the stuff for over a year..& started smoking gum by day ..smoking by night :eek:...I would strongly advise you do the course has directed in the instructions ...i believe the gum can be effective for lots of people who use it properly ..Im afraid i wasnt one of them.....dont mean to frighten u.. wasnt intended just telling u how it was my me..but possibly quite rare xx

good luck with quit & let me know how you get on

xxxx well done xxxxxxxxx ure doing good xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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