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3 cal months & 1 day, reducing patch strength tomorrow alert!!!


hi all I am into my last 3 weeks of the patch, I has discussed with nurse at smoking clinic(before my hols last visit) that as a matter of choice 10mg would be ok for last 3 weeks rather then for last 2 weeks (on nicorette invisi - the lowest strength is 10mg?) - reasoning for me i wanted to feel comfortable on 10mg coz in 2 weeks today I do my driving test. Maybe I rely on the patch a little too much sometimes whether it psychological or not. I wouldnt want to a exam/test out of my comfort zone. Am i being a complete coward or is that a perfectly normal feeling?

so in 3 weeks i will probably feel horrible wthdrawal feelings- well if i expect the worse the the worse is probably wot ill get(in my world :D)

So thanks for all support & once again thanks for listening.

Any tips when stopping patch completely - just to help my head. I need to prepare myself now x :)

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When i think of dropping down a patch, i consider all the brave folk who went cold turkey from day 1 of the quit.. for me at least i see dropping down the dosage as a necessary step towards your end goal, after all the active content of the patch is still nicotine right? which is what you are most wanting to totally give up.

Don't see it as losing strength, just see it as you gaining strength and pick it up from there.

I'm on 2nd week of 14mg patches after being on the 21's, and i've hardly noticed any difference at all in truth, so at the end of this week i'll be on step 3's (7mg), and rather than fear it, i'm looking forward to it.

Perhaps looking forward to it and embracing it as necessary is the right advice here. works for me ;)

Hi kitKat :D

I don't lnow enough about patches to advice with regards to that but just wanted to wish you luck with the driving test


Marg xxxxx

thanks jase a good way to think, that i am gaining strength. I will carry that through tomorrow. A big well done to you, you are so positive. Its good to hear. Complete opposite to me, I am in a mix with up n down, worrying about every step of the way instead of enjoying it wish I was more like you.

At this moment i dont miss smoking. Think its just a memory, cant say its a good one either, just something to blame maybe when feeling fed up.

Well tomorrow marks another occasion for me when i reduce strength, but for now I am not thinking too much & just going with it.

& hey marg thanks for kind thoughts for 2 weeks today, i am so nervous. Ive been told thats good so i will probably be calm on the day(yeah did you see it raining cadburys chocolate just before :D)

So i rise, i fall, i get up, i sit down, i rest, i relax, i worry, i cry, i feel happy, i feel sad, i sorry, i pity, i rejoice, i miss, but most of all - I DONT SMOKE ANYMORE & I AM VERY HAPPY FOR TODAY :)

;) i do get off days, I get sad, confused, angry, and tired quite on random days or just for a few hours sometimes.. I just see those times as being part of the quitting process and it helps build up my experience of 'what i don't want to go through again' once i reach the other side. If i have to endure that to be free of smoking and nicotine.. so be it. bring it on.

It affects us all in different ways though and i am one stubborn mule when i want to be .. i think i've just decided that once and for all i'm not letting this addiction beat me.. not when i have given up 'other recreational joys' in my past with no problem.. its only this smoking thats stayed with me.. and it has to go.. it just has to.

ya know?

Good luck kitkat, I'm sure you won't need it though. You've got this far.

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