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Two years!

Hello to my fellow quitters from NSD 2008 which was on the 12th...

I wonder if any of the others are still

a) quit

b) interested enough to remember this forum's existence and its help.

I noticed a thread devoted to John but it seems he's not visited to acknowledge his achievements ;-)

Anyway, I just wanted to inform anyone who might remember me that I haven't touched a single fag since I stopped and I'm feeling much better for it! I've had a few moments fairly recently when I was tempted but it was never more than a passing thought.

I was in Paris last week with some friends, which is where I learned to smoke. I was rather surprised that despite temptation at every turn and even spending a lot of time in the café which used to be my main supplier of cancer sticks, I didn't even consider it for a moment!

Here's a pretty photo of the sunset from the top of the Eiffel Tower to say thanks to this forum for existing, even if the folks who helped me are no longer around.

Keep strong and you can beat it!

Some approximate stats (I removed the quit-meter from my computer a LONG time ago):

Time since stopping: 1 year 7 hours

Cigarettes not smoked: 28,000

Money saved: £6,800

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Hey! I dont remember you, im only a 1 yearer. However, two years is amazing and I really appreciate people posting on here. It shows that life doesnt end at 'the penthouse', that non smoking really does carry on. Its inspirational and please dont stop.

Very well done to you.


Brilliant, you must be so proud, well done. It is great for us to see others who have made it so far, good to still have something to work for, thanks for posting.



Hey Plumski

Congratulations! I remember you from last time! I fell off the wagon after nine months! but back now and not about to make that same mistake again!


Well done 2 years is massive


A great success.

2 years is fantastic. I am much earlier in the smokefree journey but I am determined to stay quit. Well done and thanks for popping back to share your success.


Congrats Plumski on 2 years that is great


CONGRATULATIONS, Plumski! 2 years of freedom is fantastic! That is my new goal! Jody



by now i hope at 2 years+ you can look back on your time since the quit and see just how much of a vast difference losing the nicotine and smoking from your life has made? I'm noticing it at 8 months, but i bet the difference at 2 years must be amazing!!!

So well done plumski, and thank you for checking back here too. Its good to acknowledge your milestones, even if you'd been quit 15 years.. thats every reason to shout from the rooftops :)

nice going.



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