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Stopping tomorrow


Hi guys and girls,

This is my first post on the forum, just like to say a big hello to everyone

I am going to stop smoking tomorrow on National no smoking day, I have been smoking about 20 a day for the last twenty years and have tried numerous times to quit but to no avail

I've tried every NRT under the sun but alas none have worked for more than five days; so tomorrow I am going to stop without the use of any supplements

I have been telling myself for years that I'll be able to stop anytime soon, but I now know I have been lying to myself

It's going to be hard but I'm finally in the right frame of mind, at the ripe old age of thirty three and not being able to run for a bus is a sorry state of affairs

Best of luck to all people trying to stop tomorrow and in the future, I'll be posting a daily update ( I noticed quite a few people do this, and it's a great idea ) hopefully I'll still be posting on here in a few months time and beyond.

Anyway, for now

Adios amigos

Hasta luego!

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Hi Toby and welcome to the forum.

I also stopped CT (cold turkey) and that was over 6 months ago so it can be done!

There is loads of great advice around here and loads of great support too, I would advice that you do loads of reading, there are some links that you should try as they will really help to keep you focused and strong.

Post as often as you need, rant or rave, we all have the same aim and that is to be happy non smokers.

Good luck for tomorrow and let us know how you get on.

Go for it

Good luck Toby,

I quit cold turkey last Monday night. Here are some tips that helped me through:

Take it an hour at a time. Don't say to yourself I can never smoke again, just say I choose not to smoke right now. If you make a prisoner of your free will, your mind can rebel big time.

They say a craving only lasts 3 minuets! Time one if you don't believe me!

Drink loads of cranberry juice or other acidic fruit juice in the first three days. (Helps flush the Nicotine out faster)

Easy on the Caffeine ( too much coffee made me jittery and tense)

Positive mental attitude makes the first few days much easier read stuff like .... why quit - symptoms

Post here, even if your waffling it helps that your public in your quit, it may just stop you slipping when people start getting involved in your quit it pushes you to take ownership of your actions

Read everything you can on stopping, every thing you read can help bolster your determination.

In the end it's your choice, choose life! :)

Kind regards


Hey Toby - I am quitting tomorrow too.

good luck and lets do it this time - i think this must be my 10th try.

Hi Toby, I quit cold turkey 2 months ago and have never looked back. I'm not saying there haven't been scary moments, or there won't be again, but it is a decision I absolutely do not regret.

You will get great support from people on this forum, and you should read about the good, the bad and the ugly, but be sure to remember the good, cos it's all too easy to remember the bad.

Wishing you all the best for tomorrow, keep in touch,

Lorraine :)

Hi folks, thanks for all the kind and supportive replies

And yes you're right bigquitter let's do it this time!

Doing a lot of reading today on the horrors of smoking, hopefully will give me

something to draw from when those horrible cravings raise their ugly head

I'll see you tomorrow, one day into being smoke free :)

Hi folks, thanks for all the kind and supportive replies

And yes you're right bigquitter let's do it this time!

Doing a lot of reading today on the horrors of smoking, hopefully will give me

something to draw from when those horrible cravings raise their ugly head

I'll see you tomorrow, one day into being smoke free :)

Hi Toby,

I stopped cold turkey 2 months ago today. It's a short sharp shock to the system but a fast track to stopping smoking, it's nicotine you're really quitting so it makes sense all round.

I relate to your reading about the horrors of smoking, I found that really helped in first few weeks. If ever I doubted what I was doing I googed or YouTubed something smoking related (I'm sure you have a vivid imagination). Definately read Why Quit there's some horror stories there and some great info on understanding why we smoke and how to beat it.

Crack on!

Hi Toby

You are not alone here. I am 31 and i too am stopping tomorrow, pooing my pants now but actually I KNOW IT'S FOR THE BEST. as tough as it will be we all have each other to lean upon when times get hard. It's just a case of letting the nicotine play mind games with you for a while then mentally just getting on with life. Well thats my way of looking at it.

I've stocked up on fruit juice to bribe my blood, planned a busy day :rolleyes: and hope for the best.

I for one am sick to death of the cough, phlem and forever clearing my throat even over the phone.

Good luck, see you all tomorrow with either good news or one snappy mofo lol.

Maybe some of the new quitters can form a group and help each other out .

This seems to help I noticed.:D

Toby welcome to the forum and well done on making the decision to quit. This is a great place to vent, celebrate and get fantstic support. Good luck and post often.:D

Welcome to the forum Toby and well done on the decision to quit.

Working your way up the forum is a great help especially in the first couple of motivation is to make to the Penthouse at 1 year. Got to get there.

Keep strong and remember no matter how hard it gets at any time, there is always someone here and when you get through it you will NEVER have to go through that day/hour/minute again.

Good luck


Welcome and well done

Hi Toby and all the other NSD quitters, when i logged on here, I decided to try and quit on tomorrows date, but went to see my stop smoking nurse early as i was getting annoyed with my daughter nagging.

I have now been quit for 29 days, and it's not as bad as the nicodemon tricks you into thinking it will be!!

Stay strong, and think in hours to start with rather than days, weeks or months!


You won't smoke tomorrow, and neither will I!!


Good luck Toby

Hi Toby

Good luck tomorrow - you can do it, lots of CT quitters on here will give you great advice. Check out the link Rubicon posted to whyquit - it's great...

Lay off the coffee, drink lots of water, remember, it gets better REALLY soon


Welcome to all quitting tomorrow. I jumped in a few days early, had planned to go for it tomorrow. So I can tell you in advance, you're doing the right thing, it's well worth it!

Lots of good support and advice here.

Catherine :)

Quitting too

I'm quitting tomorrow too, well I've quit now. smoked my last cig earlier this evening. Have none and can't believe I'm sitting here, normally I'd be long gone to the garage for another packet, normally the thought of sleeping without knowing there are 20 for the morning.

The hour by hour thing seems about right and I keep telling myself that if I really want to I can have one at midnight tomorrwo night, but I'm hoping I won't want to after getting through one full day. I've never gone a day without a smoke. I've never really gone this long.

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