No Smoking Day

Stopping tomorrow

Tomorrow is my day to stop smoking. Have had three previous attempts, all pretty pathetic, longest I lasted was 8 days. Husband is a casual smoker who doesn't want to stop at the moment. Hate the smell, taste and cost and am looking forward to moving on without needing a cigarette. Have got a relaxation session on my Ipod which I am hoping will help. Wish me luck!

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good luck Lozza!

keep us posted, read some of the many links available on the forum, you are doing the right thing!!!!!;)


Many thanks

I have read a lot of the posts, and there's a lot of useful information to be had. I've prepared by getting in a lot of fruit and juice as I've read that low sugar levels can be a problem eg. irritability and cravings. I'm determined not to snack, lost a lot of weight 6 years ago, don't want to go there again! Most of my friends have now stopped, a few used patches, but most went through cold turkey. Looking forward to tomorrow with slight anticipation but also with excitement. Looking forward to following peoples experiences and getting encouragement from the forum, it's good to know I'm not doing it alone.


Hi Lozza - welcome on board!

You sound pretty well prepared for tomorrow - I hope you are looking forward to it even if it is a bit of a scary thought.

I stopped smoking on 4th Jan - cold turkey. So far I have had ups and downs but mostly ups. That's probably because I was SO ready to stop - I was just sick of smoking, sick of spending so much on it, and sick of worrying about the health risks.

My husband still smokes - although he has cut down I think, he only smokes a couple in the evening now although he probably makes up for that during the day at work!

Good luck for tomorrow and post on here as often as you can!


well done lozza,,you have made the right decession,,and are in the right will get all the help you went on here,,:D glad you done lots of reading,,be strong and refuse to smoke just keep thef faith tony


Well done Lozza on deciding to quit, you are doing the right thing hun.

Post often as it does help and keep us updated.

Good luck for tomorrow




great support

Many thanks for all your kind words, I think finding this forum will definitely be a huge help. Great support from husband, but he will remain a smoker so I know it will be difficult for him to completely understand. Haven't told children, told them last three times when I tried, don't want them to think i'm a complete loser if I fail again. They'll probably notice though when I don't walk in the door smelling like an ashtray. We've never smoked in the house with them so that's a relief, one thing thinking about the poisoning i've done to myself, but to do it to them would be unforgiveable. I'll do a post on day one tomorrow, let you know how it is. Thanks again for your support.


I didn't tell my family initially, when I attempted I used to get irritated by the regular questions, hows it going, have you smoked at all etc.

I didn't smoke in front of my kids and would nip to the garage at the end of the garden to smoke. They didn't notice, when I quit but I remember one time I had to go and get something from the garage and some comment was made about having a smoke by my wife and I said I haven't smoked for 2 weeks, I did feel proud at that time.


well done on your decision to quit. i found day 1 tough as im sure a lot do but it will all be worth it in the end. i now have an addiction to mints...all varietys lol. i find its something to do with my mouth (no rude comments please..!) and it tastes a lot better then a ciggie

good luck for tomorrow

laura x


Good luck for tomorrow and for all the days after - be strong!


:)I wish you all the luck in the world for tomorrow!

Tomorrow marks ten months for me and the rest of my team.

I advise you now to start reading all you can on stopping smoking - (links in signatures) AND commit yourself 100% to this quit. You will not smoke! before you know it you will be a long term non smoker and wondering why you smoked for so long in the first place!



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