No Smoking Day
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Day 15 - I DID IT!!

How proud am I?!

Apart from feeling like a raving emotional lunatic coupled with the worlds worst cold and headache, I've done it

It is simply the most amazing achievement in my life and I know each and every one of you will truly understand.

You may recall my message on the worlds most unsupportive boyfriend - well, today he randomly sent me a message saying how proud he is of me. Its meant the world

As i say on all my threads, the habit and cravings have generally disappeared and whilst i dont want to get too cocky just yet i kindof just know this time its for real.

Im tucked up in bed feelingn very sorry for myself with a streaming nose, crying one minute, laughing the next and milking boyf for every bit of sympathy and tea i can get :D

thankyou to all who've supported me - i really genuinely mean this site has and will continue to be my salvation on the biggest journey any of us will ever go on.

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Hi Newstart

"It is simply the most amazing achievement in my life and I know each and every one of you will truly understand."

It does sound dramatic doesnt it but its true. Thank god we've got each other to say it to, a never smoker just wouldnt understand.

Well done so far and I wish you better soon. One day at a time for all of us.



Hi Newstart,

Well done, 15 days is a great achievement, you keep it up!!

Nice work:D


fantastic well done hun.. yes i can relate to being an emotional wreck and a right evil cow to laughing at everything the next min bizarre aint it lol, i too have had a horrid cough cold bad ear you name it lol, keep at it and keep milking for every drop of sympothy from your oh xx


Hey Newstart - I just want you to know that I know (we all know) what you're going through. Not to be negative, but to be a realist here, I want you to know that I was a complete mental case around weeks 2 & 3. Depressed, teary, euphoric, miserable, angry (like rage angry), anxious, fidgetting, couldn't concentrate, eating, tired to the point of exhaustion, insomnia, nearly broke up with my boyfriend, nearly left my job... you get the idea. So my point is if I can do it, (Ms Fag Ash Lil good times party fun gal - never seen without a fag in hand) - then so can you. Dig your heels in and just DO NOT smoke, ride it out and you'll get to a point in the next few weeks where life is going to be so much better.


High five :)

Hey, I echo everyone else - keep at it! I'm on day 15 as a non-smoker today and I can relate to everything you've said. Today's been good, but there have been some seriously rough ones and I've only been at this for a fortnight!

As for not getting too cocky, I think it has to be said that for every quitter, there's been that time when they've just thought, 'I am never smoking again no matter what I have to go through' and that's the breakthrough. So far on my quit, I've gone through crippling nausea, crippling exhaustion (going to bed at 6pm which I never, ever do - got bf to make kids tea, just couldn't bear to be anywhere but in my bed), ridiculous amounts of food, crying at the drop of a hat, screaming with laughter at all the wrong stuff...god, the list goes on. But you know what? Even having all of that piled on at once is better than smoking.

Like you, I was a proper fag-ash Lil. Never without a fag. First thing in the morning with my coffee (''But it's my only me-time!''), before housework (''I'll just have a smoke THEN I'll wash the dishes/do the laundry/mop the floors''), after meals (''I'm so stuffed, a fag always makes that horrible bloated feeling go and it's sooooo satisfying!'') - and always, always with alcohol. Chain smoking, big time. My boyfriend is a never smoker, dead against it as he lost his mum to lung cancer, and my habit put our relationship through the mill I can tell you. Even when I quit he found it hard to support me as I'd claimed to have quit before (I did, for a little while) then kept my smoking secret, til he found out. Point is, it's a filthy, debilitating thief of a habit - it steals your time, your money and your life.

So, like I said - keep going, and before you know it, it'll be month 15, then year 15!:)


Hey Eshka - love what you had to say (hope that adds more inspiration to Newstart). You sound really strong. It's a roller coaster, but I can say at Day 52 it's a whole world better than I'd every imagined and a few weeks of cr*p is nothing compared to the benefits you will feel for the rest of your life.


I know what you mean- I feel like this is the biggest acheivement of my life, tho I don't verbalise that for fear of a never smoked thinking I'm mad! You deserve and should feel proud.

Eshka, you've pretty much just described my typical day/eve a few weeks back...



Never smokers....

I've never heard that phrase before you know, I do love it.

As for non smokers thinking you're mad for being so proud, well, that's simple. I'd just remind them to stick where they are, cos it's better that they never have to find out just how true your words are for themselves.

Quitting smoking is a war fought through daily battles, it's just that the battles get shorter and easier as time goes on. You can never really truly say that you've won the war - but you can say you've won that day's battle and every day before that, and you can say that you intend to fight every next battle to the death rather than running towards it with open arms.


Hi Newstart :D

15 days is great well done and being emotional is normal this early in a quit OK


Marg xx