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Crammed into a tiny doorway!


Hi people,

Been out tonight with my smoking buddy!

We went to watch a few bands, some good some bad! During one particularly dreadful act...I made the suggestion of going for a cigarette! To ease the pain on my ears! Don't worry I had no intention of smoking...I just had to get away from the noise and knew my smoking buddy could not say no to a smoke after a couple of beers!

So we went and stood in the doorway like a couple of second class citizens! A small doorway at that. There was only us there...the doorman...and a couple of young girls. It was literally lashing down with rain/sleet/snow outside!!!

I didn't mind keeping my friend company, yes I was cold, yes I didn't need to be there...but after a couple of minutes another 10 people all came out...then the little doorway got really cramped and I was surrounded by a dozen smokers! Lets not forget im only into day 25 of my quit here!

But, did I flinch? Did I crave? No....I wanted to get away from there ASAP as it was truly horrible! I was somewhere I really didn't want to be, somewhere I didn't feel part of and somewhere I couldn't associate with...even though just a few weeks ago...that would have been me stood in the little doorway smoking!

food for thought. especially for all those who question ( including myself at one time) if I would ever not want a cigarette!?!

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Hi David :D

Well done surrounded by all those smokers at just 25 days smoke free and you didn't even think about one


Marg xx

well done david wow how great is that...i went out last week but thankfully the people i was with dont smoke..they just drink a lot instead :D Being honest if i had been in your shoes i prob would have been too tempted x

How good must you feel mate



I feel great...I feel even better when I notice that I robbed myself of a couple of days quittage saying I had been quit 25 days in my post...when really it was 27!!! :o

I have a problem tonight dog sitting at a friends house...they smoke and its in the air, the walls, the fabric, the dog! I can taste it - the smoke, not the dog! :D

To make matters worse there is a half open pack on the table...I can't just destroy them as they aren't mine!!! I can't really hide them either as I know where they'll be! I really shouldn't have to go to the trouble of destroying them, to have to go to the shop in order to replace them. It wouldn't be an issue normally but the whole house is a smokers house and a house where I have alot of fond smoking memories with my pals.

This is a toughy!

Its odd having a game of mental chess with an otherwise inanimate object! I just want to relax and enjoy a night off!!!

Ive got a takeaway Pizza on order that should "takeaway" the temptation when it arrives! ;)

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