One week, I am a ninja

Hi all, today is day 7 and I can hardly believe it! As of 2pm today I will have not smoked for a week solid. I can't understand why I thought this was so impossible, because it is totally doable.

I have had some moments of smelling fags on the street and feeling a bit dreamy, but more and more they smell bad. A friend got into the car after smoking and I could immediately smell the reek of it. I used to smell like that all the time!

So yeah, we can do this, all stealthy like the ninja. :D

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  • Ninja warrior!

    Good work!

    Sounds like you've had a really positive week - I know that feeling of 'why did I think this was impossible?' - it's usually followed by 'why didn't I do this ages ago?'.

    The main thing is - we're doing it!

    Well done and stay positive. :)

    Lottie x

  • Glad you've had such a good week and long may it continue.

    It's shocking the smell on others isn't it, and sometimes I thought that a quick mint and a blast of fresh air got rid of the smell :o

    Lorraine :)

  • Yuck

    I came out of my smoking ex-mother in laws house again yesterday stinking of cigarettes. Clothes went straight in the washing machine. And I can now smell it on my kids clothes when they've been there for longer periods of time.

    I got in the lift today at work after the smokers must have been in it and it was absolutely awful. I feel really embarrassed that i used to stink just like that. Ewww.


  • It's such a good feeling isn't it, when the penny drops that you can do what you'd always thought was impossible. Well done on hitting that 1st week, stealthy does it! Pols xxx

  • Well done ajikan81! Me too! I have been smoke free for a week too and can't quite believe it! Woo hoo!! I'm hoping week 2 is a little easier and I'm not so crazy but yeeha, didn't think I could do a week! Good luck for another week!

  • Congratulations!! I have also made it to one week. I still keep counting up the days in disbelief, lol. Best of luck for the week ahead. ;)

    I knew smoking made us smelly but I had no idea how smelly! It was bizarre for me yesterday as I passed about 5 people at a building entrance (where I would normally stop for a ciggie) and I hurried right past them (while avoiding breathing in their smoke!) It was snowing for goodness sake! I just felt relief that Im not one of them anymore, happy days. x

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