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Confession time!!

Ok.... I have a confession to make.... about a month ago.... AFTER a night out, not during when my friend kept popping out, but AFTER, I had a drag of a fag.... because I wanted to know how disgusting it was and to make sure (?) I'd made the right decision... Now, I'd gone 7 months without a drag, and I'd like to let y'all know that it WAS thoroughly HORRENDOUS and made me cough like I'd NEVER coughed before. Unlike when I first started to smoke and had made myself believe it tasted good.

Now it's my 8 month anniversary today and I am SO so glad that I am a non-smoker. My OH still smokes, it's disgusting but we manage.... albeit me moaning he stinks all the time! LOL... BUT it goes to show you CAN do it when others around you are not.

This was MY quit, I was ready for it, I did it, and I'm so Bloody proud of myself.

Take one day at a time and you'll get there, just like me. If not? no sweat.... just try again when YOU feel ready and don't listen to any doubters out there. Good luck guys and Congrats to ALL you NON-SMOKERS out there. ♥

Peace out ~x♥X♥x~ Marie

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Thank you for your honesty. You said it was worse than the first ones you ever had, that tells me, and I hope everyone else, to never have a try. By the way, well done getting to 8 months, you have a great quit going there, take care of it, it is so easy to lose.

Come back and let us know how you are getting on.



Congrats on 7 full months, and good luck as you go into your 8th!!

Its a tough old journey this quitting lark which yes gets easier as it goes, but presents many many challenges along the way.

We get through it, and eventually we reach that point where we just know we won't smoke any more.

Roll on March when we'll have both been quit 2/3rds of a year.


Ooops! I meant 7 months not 8...... getting ahead of myself there!

Thanks for the support guys, means a lot.....

Marie ~xXx~


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