No Smoking Day
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I cant believe it!!

Hi all,

Cannot believe i have made it to week 3. I feel O.K and I am finding time to do things i would never have done before. Like the ironing. A truly rewarding experience!!

Seriously, tho, i am so relieved i didnt crack at the weekend. Alcohol and spare time are the 2 biggest danger zones for most of us, so I have joined the AA and taken up a weekend job. Sorry, cant seem to write anything remotely serious today as I feel so upbeat about life and it doesnt seem like Monday. What is wrong with me??

I dont even want to smoke. Maybe my body was snatched during the night.

Anyway, I know it will not always be this easy as it has been pretty hellish to date, so I take with a major pinch of salt any feeling of achievement as it could all so easily disappear in a puff of smoke!!

Thanks to you all as you have been a godsend and I would have caved in without doubt. I feel the struggle is a shared one and not so damned lonely.

Jack, you are an inspiration (read your new post today) so thanks for your sage words. I am sure you will kick-start lots of wannabees with your sincerity, optimism and sheer strength of character.

So good luck troops with the coming week. Take each day as it comes. We will not smoke today. Hooray!!

Rachel x

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Having read a few of your posts that one was an absolutely fantastic post to read :) TBH I had worried a bit whether you'd continue....I shouldn't have bothered.

Seriously, well done and enjoy the good times whilst they last. Read up and post....that will hopefully help to consolidate your quit :cool:

Best wishes,



well done ... im on my 16th day without Cigarettes and alcohol

i just drink a stupid amount of tea instead


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