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Day 20 all good

Early morning craves as usual.. however the day been good so far....I am dealing with craves better then previous quits..ive still got lots of pma & feel like punching the ceiling every day I do... I am proud..its hard at times but im am trying so hard to laugh at it & its sort of working.if it wasnt for you lot..dont think i would clocking up the days so nicely.......... xta everyone school run awaits me!!! tt fn

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no reason why you should not be proud of every day you are free kat, you know it took you more than a few attempts to re-kick start your quit this time after last year, and now i am really confident that this may be a really good quit you got going now.

You do well to laugh at your quit and yourself too because lets face it we get ourselves in some right tizzies sometimes over absolutely nothing.. and we can put it all down to quitting..

Really glad you've got this far, but i will continue to keep reminding you about keeping things in perspective, especially things that cause stress. Stress hits everyone, and its how you channel that stress that will make all the difference.

KEEP GOING KAT, you are doing this!



positive thinking - i like

Kitkat - If I'm as upbeat as you on day 20 I am looking forward to getting there - only five days to go!!! Yay!!



What a great post, good on you. The early mornings are my worst time too, but I think you're sooo right with having to laugh at it all/yourself. Enjoy the school run- mines done and dusted for the day......Pols xxx


Thank you everyone .. moving into day 21 tomorrow & Not long beccy boo it does get better trust me ;)

Well im singing a happy bedtime tune now & the dive into bed should be an easy one...The only thing im scared of right now is A fall..its not happened yet on this quit so i must be due one!!! or maybe im not pma is high..wish i was high :D

posts tomorrow xx everyones doing something amazing..well done us


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