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2 months done

Today is 2 months done and dusted, day 63! I can honestly say I have not thought about smoking for at least a week. Been very busy and I only remembered today as my counter came in with a reminder of 2 months finished.

Still working on the weight gain. I am loosing every week about 2 pounds, but I would like to double that amount. Oh well I will get there it just may take a little longer than I would like.

Hope everyone is doing well with your quits. Keep a good attitude and believe in yourself. If I can quit and be happy, then anyone can do it!

My only regret is I did not stop 40, 30, 20, even 10 years ago! I just hope it is not too late and I will still live to a good old age.

So ...back to my new life of not smoking and not even thinking about not smoking!

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I just hope it is not too late and I will still live to a good old age.

Never too late to gain back your freedom. Well done, Downunder! 2 months is great!


:DHey Downunder....great to hear from you and hear you are doing so well....that is fantastic:D Feels great hey;)....and its never to late;)


Hi Downunder :D

2 months is great well done


Hey well done you :D

That is sooo inspiring for me as I am struggling at nearly 5 weeks and haunted by constant thoughts ... not so much of actual ciggies but just my whole quit in general .. if that makes sense!!

I hope when I make it to 2 months - which I will - that I am having days like you

FANTASTIC - keep up the good work ;)




Hi everyone!

Jodi, hang in there and do not loose faith, those days are just around the bend.

Some where I read about making the mental transition from smoker to non smoker.

It talked about reaching the time when you should be over the physical cravings, that you then had to make the mental change to become a non smoker. To stop thinking about smoking, to stop dwelling on all the times you would have smoked and all of the other preoccupations you mind can come up with to think about smoking.

They suggested to get very busy, fill your mind with other thoughts to replace those smoking thoughts. It really worked for me. I just refused to think about it, every time I did I just scolded myself a little bit for thinking about smoking and then changed the mental subject. With in a short time I really had it mastered. Over the past month I have got better and better at changing the mental conversation away from smoking and now I seldom think about it at all.

It is really about becoming a person who does not smoke, which is different from a person who is quitting smoking, if that makes sense.


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