5th day smoke free

5th day smoke free

Today has been a little harder but coping ok-ish, I feel the need of getting p****d but know it wont help but perhaps i'll have a couple.

I am actually thinking about the disgusting things and thats what prompted me to post, its the triggers that have got me lol.

Finished my dinner, washed up, made a coffee, cigarette........ oops I dont smoke, I feel a bit moody and determined to beat that nicotine monster ... just need him out of my head.

Oh well will hang around here a while and read some posts

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  • thanks Chrissy, shall take a look :)

  • Thats the hardest part i think. The routine.

    But your doing really well...day 5 and still determined! Way to go!

    Just keep thinking of the positives, the health, the money and the freedom!


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