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day 4 to 7 on this page

boy it is like grading at school and moving up. cool..

I wonder if i will be counting thenon smoking days all the rest of my life ,or there is one moment (like an enlighted instant) when i will forget that i was a smoker...

i have one worry though: what goes up must come down, and feeling too proud of an achievement can be detrimental in time of crisis... any thoughts?

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Hi Ben and Siobhan :D

HE HE yea it is a bit like going through the classes at school isn't it

No you won't cound days for the rest of your life hoe dreary that would be slowly you'll fine you tend to forget the amount of days smoke free I have a quit counter that tells me but sometimes don't check it for several days at a time sometimes weeks now

heres a link to get one if you want just enter your details OK

I don't think being proud causes anything to go wrong you have every right to be proud

I found that the further I went the more I dud my heels in if I was tempted does that make sense to you

Love and Hugs

Marg xx


Once you get through the first week, you start looking more towards the weekday when you quit as being the day you acknowledge. so you tend to herald days 1-7 which then is one week done, then its 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 1 month.. then at 1 month done, although you do count the weeks still a bit, you are more watching the months .. once you are just using monthly markers by then things are alot more settled.

The layout of the forum follows this nicely, so you will find you spend longer in the later forums.

Just keep yourselves determined, yes there is a 'drop off' for enthusiasm, but you reinforce that by reading up about what you are quitting here. I went out and bought the Allen Carr DVD and i've watched that a few times during my quit, but there is plenty of reading material around the web to help with this. Check some of the links in my signature, those sites will have other things to read on them which you may well find extremely helpful.

Keep going, this is the best thing you both have done.



Be as proud as you possibly can, now and every day, well done to both of you.



I agree its exciting joining a new section of the forum!

I get to start week 2 at 10pm tonight. So proud of myself! :) :) and you should be too <3

-Jade xx


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