Day 4 - 7

Wow nearing the end of my first week day 4.

Felt a bit more tired this morning but was still able to get up for work no problem. Also getting a bit of a sore tummy, feels like wind.

Other than that I feel not too bad, big test coming up when I have a few beers on Friday but I have done it before no problem before on previous quits so this time should be fine.

Once Saturday is out of the road I think a good bit will be behind me so my aim is to stay strong until then.

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  • I dreaded the weekends at the beginning of my quit because I missed smoking so much and the first few weeks of drinking and not smoking were absolutely horrific for me - but I stayed strong and now I'm pretty much over it - so good luck to you on Friday :)

  • Going great guns there!

    I am enjoying seeing you do so well. Keep it up!

    Jill xx

  • Wow thank you both, today is the worst I have felt all week, don't know if I am getting tired or what but it just seems a bit more difficult today :(

    I have football at lunch today so that will at least get me out the office for a while.

    Allen Carr reckons 5 days will see the physical nicotine withdrawal go away which would be at the end of play tomorrow night. The mental part is the most difficult I think.

  • You are doing the right thing by keeping your mind occupied, Idle hands and all that.....

    I came to a stage where I was fighting with myself that it would be easier to be a smoker..... I had to really really reiterate that the quitting symtoms are only temporary and do go away. Don't mean to sound harsh but it is defintley not easier to deal with lung cancer.

    You have came this far, how silly woud you be to go back to day 1 and start all over again.

    If you are struggling, come back on here, we know what you are going through but you seem to be doing great anyway.

    Jill xx

  • Day 5

    Yesterday was horrible, I never really craved a ciggie but my stomach ached all day it feels like really bad trapped wind, feel a bit better today but I am a bit windy lol.

    A bit apprehensive about tonight as I have more time at home today as I finish work earlier.

    Will have a drink tonight as well so heres hoping all goes well. Thanks again for the support.

  • hi gregor, well done for making another day! the stomach ache sounds unpleasant, but it will pass! whatever you do don't let the nicodemon tell you that just one cig will sort it out, remember that SMOKING CAUSED IT, not quitting!!!! keep on going you are doing brill and are NEARLY FREE! :)

  • Well done for not giving in as I know how hard it can be. I remember having the same problem with wind, my hubby wasn't overly impressed but his look of disgust gave me a good reason to snap at him lol, as already mentioned it will pass really soon. Enjoy your bevvie later, may have one myself :D

    Jill xx

  • Thanks Jill It is really appreciated, you have replied to all my posts, reading this forum has helped greatly, I wish I had found a forum earlier and I might have quit on previous attempts. It is a great help knowing that if you fail you are going to have to go back to day 1 again.

    I like the Allen carr method, it is basically cold turkey with a wee twist.

    staying positive and no moping about quitting is a great way not to fall back in the trap.

  • Hi Greg I quit with Allen Carr and this forum and will power. I could not have done it without the fab Febbers and allot of people on here.

    Be careful with the drink, it took me a while to get used to the no cig with a drink but I am over that now. Anyway enjoy.

    Good luck Maria.:)

  • Weekend done on to week two.

    well after all my worrying I never even had a drink on Friday so I found it no problem not to smoke.

    Saturday, had a busy day all day at the shops in town with the OH and kids, first time I have been in town as a non-smoker. When the OH was out for a ciggie I got to watch all the smokers outside, it hit home that those people used to be me. OH noticed me looking around and asked me if it made me want one seeing lots of people outside smoking but told her If I am honest it made me want to stay off them more more.

    Saturday Night, me and the other half got a bottle of Bacardi and had a few drinks was starting to get tempted but I knew the OH would not let me touch one of her ciggies (she counts them when I quit so I can't steal one lol) which is good because I want help as much as possible. But overall the cravings were probably more a result of the drink rather than me actually wanting one. Anyway we both were tired after a long day so after a few drinks it was an early night lol so result as far as I am concerned.

    Sunday was no probs and my sore stomach has gone now too, looking forward to week two.

    Thanks for all the support in the first week it is greatly appreciated. This forum made the process that bit easier.

  • Fantastic job getting through your first week, well done! Maybe you'll inspire your OH to give up too, who knows... but that's up to her.

    It's all a battle of the mind now. Keep your focus, and you'll be fine.

    Helen x

  • well done gregor, and well done to your OH, sounds like youve got some great support there :)

  • Hi Gregor,

    Seems we quit about the same time. I had really bad tummy yesterday as well. Put it down too body readjusting and all the food I am eating, but it helps the cravings lol. Well Day 5 tomorrow and all good from here onwards. Need a chat just let me know..always on Facebook

  • I'm at a similar stage!

    Hi Gregor,

    Seems we quit about the same time. I had really bad tummy yesterday as well. Put it down too body readjusting and all the food I am eating, but it helps the cravings lol. Well Day 5 tomorrow and all good from here onwards. Need a chat just let me know..always on Facebook

    I also quit at a similar day to you. I gave up on the 10th August so I quit a day after you. I'm on day 4 at the moment! Keep up the good work

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