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Day 3 and I'm ok


Hi Everyone,

Well...It's Day 3 on the patches and I'm doing ok. I had a real bad craving at lunchtime but a satsuma did the trick and it went quite fast.

I've got used to driving without a cigarette and that's bothering me a lot less. The time I dreaded first thing in the morning has actually been one of the easiest cravings to crack - straight in the shower, a spray of my favourite perfume and I don't want to spoil it with the smell of nicotine. ;)

It's not easy and there are times when I could really give in but no way - I'm so determined it's unreal.

Tonight I went out and bought a cashbox and stuck my first £15 in it. :D

I've also started a daily routine on the wii fit to keep the weight off.

If you haven't seen it - watch 'Celebrity Quitters' - I watched them through over the past few days and it was one hell of an incentive to keep going.

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Well done, they say the 1st 3 days are the hardest and you seem to have got them under your belt without too much trauma. I know what you mean about the morning crave, I was dreading it, but actually just getting straight on with things, I sort of power through it. Keep at it, that determination will get you through, Pol xxx


Check my signature and check a number of other long term quit folks signatures too and you'll see there is a good number of folk on here who've succeeded in quitting smoking using patches.

I've done over 7 months, and theres folk done over a year or more..

so patches will work, but i'm convinced they work far far better with good support like there is on this forum and also by reading up about what you are quitting. (nicotine).

The more i read up , the less i wanted to smoke and the more stubborn i got :)

Best of luck to you on your quit... be determined and stubborn .. 2 strong allies on your quit :)


well done Jacqui, Doing so well, well done :)

Big hugs

-Jade xx

Hi Jacqui :D

Day 3 that's great well done just jamg in there it gets better the further you go


Marg xx

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