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No Smoking Day
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I'm on day 3!!! Yippeeeee!!!!

Day 3 and I'm having a yummy aero hot chocolate and a quick post on here instead of my mid morning fag at work. I have managed to control my eating and have not eaten loads of food instead of smoking. I'm pleased about that as when I have given up before I have eaten constantly, put loads of weight on got annoyed, started smoking again and then said I will stop when I loose weight, well this time im stopping smoking and loosing weight at the same time and its working for me. I feel in control. I have been having abit of popcorn every night instead of my pre bedtime ciggie and of course have still been chewing gum!!

does anyone know if I will be able to add my chewing gum to my prescription for patches or can you only get one type of NRT? I went to the stop smoking service and got a voucher from the nurse for patches but am paying full whack for the gum.

hope everyone else is ok today xxxxx

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Hi Moog,

Well done for getting to day 3 - that is such an achievement and u should be really proud of urself. As for the gum - I really don't know about prescription etc. Maybe go to your doctor and get some advice.

Keep it up, it will be day 4 2moro and day 5 and b4 u kno it it will be week 5!!



Hi Moog :D

Day 3 is great you are doing really well and that hot chocolate sounds nice I don't know about gum on prescription i'm afraid but don't see why not

Bible Black would know I think he seems to know about stuff like that maybe he used it Why not send him a PM and ask




hi marg

thanks for your encouragement, its so great to see that you are doing so fab too, well done!!

I will send a pm and see what happens.



Moog Hi

Well done on day 3 fab work. Im not sure where you live but here in wales you only get one sort of NRT. Any extra you need you have to get yourself. Dont know if you have a pound land near you but they did have NRT gum in there on the cheep. xxxxx


linda, thanks I will check out pound land for the gum thats a great tip


have no idea on doubling up on NRT but just wanted to say well done for getting through to day three!


hi moog:D

well done on 3 days,, hot chocolate yummmm,,get my gum from pound landkeep the faithh tony keep:D:D


thanks everyone for your comments today, going to think about the nrt thing as Im sure Im having too much but its working at the moment and Im loving being smoke free.

Looking forward to day 4!!


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