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No Smoking Day
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:( when oh when will my skin clear up. i am on day 17 and i seem to be full of spots dry skin feels like im falling to bits at the moment.. the craves are intense i seem to be coping with those... no im lying i cry with those but hey ho will ride it out.. had a new boil pop up today on my cheek if it gets any bigger will have to provide a chair for it :rolleyes: can someone tell me things will get better ..there thats off my chest ;)

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Oh its so vile that spot thing. I was in tears looking at my wrinkly 40 something skin covered in teenage spots!!! The worst of every world.:(

I can't remember at exactly which point they disappeared - I am on week 15 and I think it was about 6 weeks ago, with the help of some clearasil. I do seem to be more prone to spots now than I used to be. But don't worry, its better than being more prone to lung cancer.:D

If it gets really bad have a chat to your doctor, as a low dose antibiotic can help clear up spots, especially the sort that need their own chair.:eek:

Chin up Windylindy - you are doing great at 17 days and will soon be over the worst bit :)



You're not alone on this one! I am 46 and I had them popping up all the time for a while, felt like a teenager. They do go, I'm 20 weeks as of today and dont currently have any!! I do still get the occasional one though. Hang on in there all will be OK soon. Well done beating those cravings down, its still rough going at your stage but it will pass.


I have had the same problem. I have been drinking loads of water and I went for a facial last week, which really helped. I think the steam help clear the pores because my skin is much better this week.


dont think I fancy boiling water from my big bowel:eek::D


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