No Smoking Day
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Nrly 8 months HOORAH :)

Forgot to come back on the 23 of Dec jase, sorry bout that......

I just can't believe I've been a non-smoker for this amount of time.....

It feels bloody wonderful still and just, well, bloody wonderful that I'm not poisoning myself anymore..... my OH has even stopped smokin in the car and is very proud of me for being able to quit..... and so bloody effortlessly too....(perhaps he should have read some of my earlier posts lol)


It's never going to be let back in.... (except when I get cremeted!!!!)

Keep it up guys.... your support to all new quitters is invaluable.... wish I could help more ..... just tooooo busy with my little ones.... well that and playing games on FB! (my new addiction!!! LOL)


Peace out Marie..... My biscuit jar is full if anyone would like one! LOL ♥

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Congrats on your near 8 months, Ishta :cool:

Real excellent post that shows the newbies that there is light at the end of the tunnel. And what's more, the tunnel end doesn't necessarily need to be that far away.

Keep on keepin' on,



Ishta, (Marie),

Won't be long til the 23rd at all, very glad to hear that you're OH has relented on the car smoking. Thats a bonus n a half just that alone. Who knows he may quit too?

I hear you on the facebook game thing :).. i played them for many months up until recently,.. then i just looked at them and thought.. no.. that needs to stop :) I was playing cafeworld, farmville, farmtown, mafia wars, country life, pirates and a number of others.. and they are great distractions indeed.

Anyway, congrats on the previous achievements you forgot to post, and here's to the 23rd coming up. Just keep complacency in check, and if you do ever get tempted.. post here first :)



Hee hee! Thanks Guys, you're all wonderful and doing a fantastic job at this no smoking lark! Great isn't it? esp as it's been very cold this winter! Poo to standing outside just for a drag of fumes to make ya cough! lol

Yeah.... I play FarmVille, Fairy Land, YoVille an Barn Buddy! Not quite ready to give them up! Also made some really cool friends due to these apps! Just a shame they live in Oz and America! Ah well, who knows, with the money I'm saving from not smoking perhaps one day I'll just head out there for a holiday!

Again, Really Happy to be in this Place. I Love it. :p

Take care all and roll on July when I'll turn 1 lol.... hope you'll all be there turning one or two or whatever!

Oh.... Also like to say that although I've put on a little weight.... I'm also very Happy about that! I was a bit too skinny, so now I'm a 10 I'm Really Happy :)

Peace out Marie ~x♥X♥x~


a 10 is actually a very good size, and i'm sure many women would want to be a 10.

Roll on the 22nd now!!! 7 months will be complete, you'll begin your 8th month and then come july, there will be a good number of us celebrating. It will be a good summer this year!!!



Well done Ishta almost 8 months smoke free is great


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