8 months complete!

I have been most excited about this one for some reason. Maybe its because I am now starting month 9. and in my head thats entering the last quarter of the year. Who knows. Anyway, all I know is that I never thought I could do this. Never thought I could quit with such a finality. Even up to a couple of months ago I sometimes felt I was just 'playing' at my quit and that eventually I was bound to fall off the wagon. In the last few weeks though, I have hardly ever thought about smoking. Posting on here now neither makes me want to smoke or not and I love feeling indifferent about the dreaded weed. Once an addict, always an addict though, and I know I must never become too blase about it.

Thanks to all the top people who have supported me and made me smile and kept me from my job due to those pesky quizzes!

Without the forum and the people and the education from various sites, i'd have never had the belief in me that I could do this.

Hurrah! Hurrah! Hur-bloody-rah!

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  • Congratulations Fiona, thats fantastic news well done you.

    I know what you mean about playing with the quit - thats exactly how I feel, I keep thinking that I am only doing this as a temporary thing and I am bound to fall off the wagon but to be honest I think that just makes me more determined to stay quit - sort of reverse physcology thing.

    But anyways, have fun sailing on HMS month 9 and soon you will be sailing into the penthouse.


  • You are of the secret smoker variety like me though I see! Quit, and pretend you've quit, then secretly smoke. I 'came out' on my first couple of days on this forum and that seemed to knock it on the head. Once everyone knew I was a secret smoker, it wasn't secret anymore, and the urge to do it (I would also get an adrenalin kick on top the nicotine hit when I secretly donned my hat and gloves and scarf to smoke and hide it), went away. Keep on trucking, you can do it!

  • I can safely and honestly say that the only smoking I have done in the last 25 days is in my dreams - I even dreamt last night that I had the inhalour and it blew smoke out! :)

  • Well done old thing, eight months down and a longer life to come. Doesn't seem five minutes since we started does it although you saw the light before me. David xxx

  • Yay Fiona:D

    Big congratulations on starting month 9.

    If memory serves, you were responsible for starting off some of those "pesky quizzes" - so absolutely no sympathy whatsoever from here if they have distracted you from trivial activities - like work! But they have also distracted me, and kept my mind off the damned cigs so many times - so I thank you for that!

    Bloody well done to you!


  • Well done Fiona, See you in the Penthouse;)


  • Congrats on 8 month done and dusted. It's an excellent place to be...come to think of it, being a non smoker is an excellent place to be :D

    Once an addict, always an addict though, and I know I must never become too blase about it.

    You know, if you are anything like me - funny, charming, cute butt, etc - the 'once an addict, always an addict' syndrome fades well into the background :cool:

  • Thanks guys, not long for you now either Token, we have done well, cant wait to see the others roll up drunk and disorderly soon! Deke, I still can't work out how I could make up a game that I can't actually do!! They have helped me not think about smokes many times though.. Cav, are you sure you're not Richard Hammond? I shall hope the addict thing does disappear, though now i'm addicted to time outs and this forum :rolleyes:

    And my little pork chop. Yes indeed, nearly time to get down and dirty in 'de house'!

    Love to you all x

  • Great big Well Done Fiona, it does feel unbelievable sometimes that we all got so far. When I started to stop I never thought I would get this far either, pretty sure without the forum and all my friends here I wouldn't have made it.

    Love Jackie x

  • Well Done Fiona !!!!!! that is a great milestone to reach .

    You can look forward to moving into the penthouse in a short while and when you do get there you will be so pleased with yourself and can expect even more applause from the gang in here.

    Congratulations at sticking with it !

    Trev x

    Smoked 20 a day for 30 years :eek:

    Quit 28th April 2009:cool::):)

    3 months patches

    2months10 days cold turkey

  • Congratulations Fiona on a big 8 months quit :)

    You can and are doing this quit, you are 2/3rds of the way to the penthouse.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Well done Fiona :)

    That's a nice quit you have building up

  • Congratulations to my bestest quit buddy ever!!! The numbers keep getting bigger and this one is huge!! I am so glad you have nicely settled into the 'super easy' stage of your quit..... you've been a strong and determined lil quitter ;) You know I keep truckin ever so steadily right behind ya!! WELL DONE, Fi!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wow, what an inspiration. Well done and congratulations.

    All the best for month 9 x

  • Again I must say thank you in a most jolly and unlike Thursday type way! Its lovely seeing all these congratulations, from newbies (go on, if I can do it, you can!) to the longer quitters (Bells, its you soon - 5 days to go, my little terrier of a nightshifter!). Makes it a bit like a birthday!! All of your support is totally terrific and makes the whole quit thing extra sweet. xxxxx

  • Hi Fiona :D

    CONGRATULATIONS 8 months is fanrastic well done


    Marg xxxxxxx

  • Well done done fiona on nine months thats fantastic xxxxxx

  • Soooo jealous kiddo wish I was there too, but the times flying

    Well done and big hugs


  • CONGRATULATIONS, Fiona!!! So sorry I missed your big day yesterday! Eight months down and dusted is terrific! Keep going strong! Jody

  • static.open.salon.com/files...

    Arghhhhh sorry Fiona I missed this one!

    I am finding the days weeks and months pass by so quickly I am so pleased I FORGET how long it has been!! LOL

    Great to see you entering your 9th month how blooming marvellous is THAT!

    We really must get together to sort out a Mood Board for that there penthouse!! :D

  • hi i feel same as u lot quit 8th feb with inhalators help. stil cant believe it now . lorraine

  • thanks again guys. Nogs, tomorrow its you! |Well done Lorraine! Please to see you're still quit. Hope you and the new baby are well xx

  • hello!

    I've also just past 8 months.

    Sadly still using a cart on the inhalator on average each day.

    Some days none, some quite a few.

    Still have that last crutch, so I'm not clear yet.

    Still no smoking is better than nothing!

  • hello!

    I've also just past 8 months.

    Sadly still using a cart on the inhalator on average each day.

    Some days none, some quite a few.

    Still have that last crutch, so I'm not clear yet.

    Still no smoking is better than nothing!

    Hey Trapper..... I remember you! Well done on 8 months!! You know, at some point I would attempt to throw the inhalator out........ within days you will realize you no longer need it.......... you may be scared of this but you have done the tough part already!! A few days of minor discomfort and you'll be able to really enjoy this quit of yours! Set a date, hang out on this forum of ours for a bit, and you'll be in the clear!

    Another Feber :) Well done!!!

  • Well done on your eight months Trapper, suppose you've tried it without a cartridge haven't you. That is still less harmful than smoking. David

  • Hi Trapper :D

    CONGRATULATIONS on 8 months smoke free wonderful



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