Lorna j 8 Months Completed

Hey Lorns

Congratuations 8 months completed today, well done you 8 months done in a breeze....................... just for you i know you hate the footy

here you go


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    Wot a find ...for such a special day ....& I am sooooo pleased for you lorna on this wonderful wednesday ;) you like gush too. ...u got it:D

  • Mortified..........Bradders see me in MY office...

    Thanks, its good to be here, never thought I would be. Dont know about a breeze, but certainly feels so much easier now.

    L xxxxxxxx

  • Ha-ha ;)

    Dam that bloody Christine............ I left you a bottle of red and a glass earlier.


    Congrats to you and Jack on 8 months quit


  • 8 months.. wow.. just wow!!!

    Excellent quit, and glad to read you are finding it much easier these days too.. matches my more recent experience of the last good few months.

    Well done!!!!!!!!


  • Well done Lorna, 8 months and I am so impressed with the way you have sustained your quit, you have stayed focussed and pleasant all the way through, you are a role model to be looked up to and I hope that I can continue my quit with the same sort of fortitude that you have shown, thanks for your support always given so willingly, you are a credit to the NSD forum.

  • Hey Lorna:D....Well done....good quit ya got going there;)

  • Well done Lorna, wishing you many more smoke-free months.


  • wtg Lorna keep er up

  • Congratulations on 8 months, you must be well chuffed with yourself.

    Lorraine :)

  • brilliant sis fantastic well done xxx

  • Lorna

    Well done!! 8 months is great.


  • Well done Lorna ..8 months is fantastic :D


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