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newbie here

hi everyone im on my 11th day today using the patches 25mg plus 3 nic chews too aday had a bad day today thought i was doing really well. all ive done today is eat :( which has annoyed me lost 4 pound last week through dieting but today all went to pot craves have come thick and fast.. along with moodies. is this normal? and will it go on for too long they seem to have disapeared this evening but the munchies havnt:rolleyes:

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Yay!!!! 11 days! Well done you:D Just about everything is normal when quitting smoking, it's a weird and wonderful journey and you are well on your way. Don't worry about the increased appetite, your metabolism will take a little while to sort itself out, and the cravings...yep, they're normal too!

If you are worried about anything there are some great links in people's signatures here which will arm you with really helpful and useful information.

A lot of people suggest drinking ice-cold water to abate the munchies a little, and as for the mood swings, it's just you adjusting to your new, healthy lifestyle:)

Congratulations on your quit and welcome to the best place in the world to see you through it.

Jenni x


Hello Windylindy and welcome to the forum. 11 days is fantastic no matter what method you are using. If you read a lot of the threads and posts on here you'll find we are all the same but different. To explain that we all use different methods to quit but even the ones that use the same method find things different for them.

Patches are fine and it is normal to still feel you want to smoke. I have gone over 10 weeks now CT and today I had a bad day. That does not mean you will still be having a bad day 10 weeks from now. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week for me were fantastic and I've been generally feeling good now for at least a week or more but even now I will get a bad day.

Read and educate yourself with this forum there are many links you can read and threads which will help you. The first thing you have to understand if you are going to be successful is whether you like it or not you are a nicotine addict. This is what your body is screaming at you for along with 4,000 other chemicals you have been giving your body through smoking. But you have to be strong and say no and keep saying no.

If this is any help I smoked for 52 years and I have now in my opinion stopped smoking. So well done and keep at it be positive and you will get there.



hi jack and oh well done you cold turkey!!! hats off to you i have read the cold turkey forums and as much as i applaud you all i just couldnt. i know when they drop my patches down i will go through withdrawls again but im hoping it will be easier to cope with, i so wish i had your bravery and willpower to go cold turkey. im just so glad im not having another puff or putting all those chemicals into my body my lungs feel so much better for it, i know nicotine is still a drug but its easier this way,, but well done on your quit xx


The important thing is to succeed any way you can, CT, NRT, Champix it doesn't matter which. Be positive that's what gets you there and keep telling yourself you don't need it. No matter what problems you come accross there's never a reason to smoke only an excuse. Many who are trying to stop smoking will find an excuse and say it was a reason for them to smoke again.

Be strong and that strenth will get you there in the end.:)

Jack xx


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