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Firstly for all of you who posted your support on my day 1 yesterday I must send out a huge THANKS. Your continued support is what will make this my last ever day 2.

Feeling a bit odd today, like I want a fag, out of habit but not really craving.

As the title says I am going on holiday today, a weeks skiing in the French Alps, we do this every year and the kids and OH love it, I enjoy the French wine, French food and the views (French men)! but I am not a huge fan of the skiing bit. :eek:

This of course means that I will not be able to post for a while, and this has me really gutted cause some wonderful people will enter the Penthouse whilst I am gone, hopefully they know that wherever I am I will be thinking of them and they must also know that I am very proud to call them friend.

So I will be back in just over a week, I wish you all the strength to carry on with your quit at whatever stage you are at, and I will be back to carry on my journey with you all as soon as I can, presuming I get back in one piece :eek:

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Enjoy the holiday, dont' get too piste.

Check in when you get back.


Have a great time, Bev.

Eat, drink, sleep, slip* and lear to your hearts content :)

Remember the postcard :rolleyes:

*on the snow in correct fashion...don't touch those duty free's, Girl :mad:


Bev, sorry to hear you have had a blip but well done getting right back on your journey. Thank you for the reminder about reading, I actually did have that thought the other day that while I was suggesting to others to read, I should get myself doing it too.

Enjoy your holiday. When I went on holiday and had no contact with my friends here I used to sit quietly and see myself typing out a post and then all the replies I would get, it really did help me.



Have a good one Bev. See you in a week! Enjoy yourself and have many cold beers for me! xx


Enjoy your holiday!



Have a nice holiday Bev. x


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