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No Smoking Day
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Day 10

Yesterday was horrendous for craves- worse than I imagined they would be, today was kinda worse esp as the twins in childcare all day- except it was easier to deal with today because I could tell myself I could get through yesterday- if that makes any sense at all...Also- EATING, blimey, I always thought that whole appetite increase when you quit thing was a myth that people used to give themselves an excuse to scoff pies (easier to judge than myself as a smoker of course!) but am seriously packing away some food- I emptied the kids treat tins today, and I've never really been a choccy or sweet fan...

...Also today I met my stop smoking advisor (she was on hols last wk) and she was just great- I really liked her- part of this is about me being in the right frame of mind this time and other times I've just been going through the motions, but partly I think her style really suited me. And although I know the best advisor in the world won't making any difference if the ex/smoker isn't in the right place, I do feel that having some faith in the support mechanisms available will boost my confidence no end. Is it weird that although in so so many ways this is hell on earth, at the same time I'm rather enjoying this whole process, what I'm learning about myself, and distorted thinking processes- during the moments I don't feel like killing someone, I find it all very interesting- is that incredibly pretensious and sad? Pol

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Not at all! I have enjoyed finding my non smoking self! If you can put that kind of slant on it, it makes a bit more of a good reason to stay quit. Glad you are feeling a bit better xx


Hi Pols :D

Sorry you had a tough time of it for a couple of gays but you got through and that's all that matters really

No the way you feel about your quit is neither pretensious or sad and you are after all finding a new you [does that make sense]

The extra eating is normal I was the same and now that OH has quit the food bill has shot up again, biscuits, crisps the huge packs whatever he can find it's all fair game I promise

Just keep going you're doing really well and the extra weight can be dealt with later


Marg xx


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