Everywhere you read, it says to reward yourself for not smoking so.... What have you treated yourself to instead of smoking?

My treats are smellies!! I love smelling smoke free and have treated myself to my favourite Molton Brown bubble bath as it smells so lush!!

Desserts - Bad I know but I never used to have desserts as smoking was always my afters but I have now discovered the joy of chocolate mousse, trifles and ice-cream!!! (Can we set up a diet forum)?

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  • Magazines

    I have been buying magazines. I usually only pick up a mag occasionally but I have bought quite a few recently looking for recipes and healthy living tips. Oh and I am going to buy a new pair of trainers today for running. After that, I plan to save my new found wealth.

  • I bought some running trainers on my last quit and am going to use them this time, just waiting for the lighter nights.

    Last time I quit I was no better of financially at all as I was obsessed with treating myself and spent more on treats than previously on cigs. This time I'm being good and treating with the smaller things.:rolleyes:

  • I am treating myself by not being quite so hard on myself!

  • I am treating myself by not being quite so hard on myself!

    The best treat you could give yourself I think, oh and it's free ;)

    Gaynor xx

  • When the last of the vile yellow stains on my fingers have gone, I'm going to go for a manicure (for my best mates wedding in April). There's never been any point looking after my nails/hands when they're stained- but for the wedding I'm going to go for the full works, hand massage, nail extenstions, patterns on the tips, the lot. Pol

  • A number of things!

    I've treated myself to a new guitar and amplifier from the money I'm saving.

    I'm also treating myself (slowly but surely) to a better lifestyle....a little slower than I'd hope but baby steps :).

  • Treats? hell!

    Do I buy myself chocolates for not smoking for a week ? Hell, no. Cig was a stress reliever so when it gone, all hell break lose, I was breaking things in the house. I have to do something to keep me away from the cigs.

  • Well i treated myself to a hula hoop last Monday... but he blooming thing still hasnt turned up :mad:

    Had a chinese take away on Saturday night... yummy... my appetite came back after a week of not eating..

    But really my treat will be our family holiday abroad this year, so cant really keep treating myself until its all payed for


  • LOL spoke to soon... the hula has arrived :D

    right off to see if my body will bend now lol

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