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I've just treated myself

I would love a dog, unfortunately I can't as

1, We both work

2, we live in a maisonette without so much as a balcony, let alone a garden

so, with some of my baccy money I decided to sponsor some poochies :D The First one is Apples, she is 8 years old and really nervous so is finding it difficult to find a home, the second pic represents Oakfield Oldies, a specialist centre that takes old, unwanted dogs and gives them a warm home til the end of their days. And while I was at it, I had to pick a pen at the cats protection too, this is Georgie, she is old and has arthritis but they still think she can find a forever home, if only my moody moggie would allow me to have another cat :cool:

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Just a thought but if there's a dog rescue you can get to they are often wanting volunteers for walks!


What a brilliant thing to do, and oh the photos are wonderful. :)

That is a good tip from Scarlett re: rescue centres desperate for helpers. Also elderly and infirm dog owners would be really glad of a substitute walker, if not permanently just on occasion ;)

I'm so glad you posted your achievement, all blessings on you jenninegs. xxxx


Ah that really is a selfless thing to do, how lovely :) good on you bird ;) xxxx


Thank you everyone but your kind words are misplaced, I can honestly say this isn't selfless, I love all animals and if it wasn't for the other half I would be that mad cat lady - he does keep me grounded reminding me that the birds wouldn't be able to come out with more cats (Moody Moch's goes upstairs to bed in a sulk when the birds come out) and he quite rightly pointed out that, yes, I might not mind getting up an hour earlier to walk a dog, but what happens when the dog gets older and has trouble with the stairs (cheeky git said I was bad enough!) So, in my eyes, I now have two dogs and another cat - this has cheered me up immensely as I have been in the doldrums feeling sorry for myself ;) so selfish I would say.


Bless you :)

What a lovely post!

They're all gorgeous but being a cat lady I've fallen in love with Georgie. Look at that dear little face...

If only our Munchkin would let me adopt another lovely fur-ball (but he won't. He says there's only room for one rescue cat in these here parts, and he is that cat ;)).


Aww how lovely is that?

A really brilliant use for your fag money, that's going to do lots of good - and they look sooooo cute!!


A fantastic thing to do with your money saved Jenninegs......if my Marnie liked other dogs I'd be tempted....Apples looks absolutely adorable :)


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